26 MAY 1939, Page 22

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR] SIR,—Your timely article, "Let

Britain Speak," raises the ques- tion whether Britain has anything to say. Our propaganda is mainly confined to negative statements: that we do not want war and do not wish to encircle Germany. Can we not have something more positive? Can we not adopt China's motto, "Resistance and Reconstruction "? It is time that we told the world how we would propose that international life should be

re-fashioned on the basis of justice. We talk vaguely about colonies but do not adumbratc a policy. Are we prepared to recommend international mandates? Have we any views on international federation? A policy on tariffs? Abrogation of international sovereignty? These matters continually crop up in conversation and are generally turned down as the visions of cranks. It is time to realise that the cranks are those who think we can go on in the old way.

Propaganda is the duty of the Government, but must be based on the support of the people. Have we, as a nation, any vision as to how the world may be re-constructed on a basis of justice and sanity? I refuse to believe that the moral leader- ship of the world has passed from us for good. Let Britain