26 MAY 1939, Page 23


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR] Snt,—May I be permitted to answer one statement made by your reviewer of my book, Ride to Battle?

He says that I "viewed the whole position of the Hungarian minorities through the eyes of the young lieutenant" who acted as my guide for part of my November journey down the Czech frontier. And that my estimate was a Nazi one.

In fact, I viewed this question through my own eyes—aided by evidence on the spot, also by talks with all kinds of people, many of them chance-met, without the presence of any guide. At least zoo of such conversations (at a rough guess) are reported verbatim. Very few have any Nazi trend.

The fact that I did not also visit the Czech side of the disputed frontier does not mean that I did not judge the question impartially. Certainly I did—more so than any of the pro-Czech writers I have so far read, most of whom have not seriously considered the Hungarian claims at all.

Hoping that with your accustomed fairness you may find space for this correction.—Yours faithfully,


53b Queen's Gardens, London, W.2.