26 MAY 2007, Page 79

Q. My children refuse to take waterproof coats to school.

If they do take them, they leave them at school and then get caught in cloudbursts on the way home. I have asked the school to insist that the pupils are wearing their waterproofs when they leave the premises, but was told that my children were old enough (at l6 and l7) to look after themselves and should not need nannying in this way. What should I do?

E.M., London SW18 A. Buy each of them a hooded Muji freecut plastic raincoat, which costs only £9.95, comes in its own plastic envelope and will take up virtually no space in whatever bag they are carrying. They will thank you for equipping them with this ‘cool’ product which can be cut along a variety of dotted hemlines to the appropriate length, is ready to be donned at a moment’s notice and will be the envy of their soaked-through friends.