26 NOVEMBER 1836, Page 9

It is reported in theCiti this morning that anothr r

bank in the North of England has stopped payment ; but the City waxim, in times like the present, is to believe nothing but the Gazette. The failure, ho ever, of the eminent London firm of DOUGLAS, ANDERSON, and Co., Is unquestionable. This house was engaged in the India trade, and tdosely connected with the firm of COPLAND and DUNCAN of Liverpool, whose embarrassments were alluded to by the newspapers about a week agrr. The Mr. DOUGLAS of this house is a brother of Mr. KEITH DOUGLAS, late a Lord of the Admiralty, and of the Marquis of QUEENS- seam The other partners are Mr. JOHN and Mr. SAMUEL ANDER. llow, atm of old SAMUEL ANDERSON, of Sir WILLIAM Foam's house In Edinburgh. Nothing is yet known of the extent of their engage- ments, or means of providing for them.