26 NOVEMBER 1836, Page 10



and although at one period per cent, continuation was given upon stock till the 13th of January next, the supply fell short of the demand ; and before the end of the day the price for money and January was the same. The New more plentiful, and the holders were glad to borrow money upon them at a rate of interest varying from 41 to 5 per cent. To-day, the prices of Stock have been well maintained ; although there are reports of the failure of another December ; when the future price of Stock will depend upon the disposition of great decline has been counteracted by the scarcity of stock, which, notwith- settlement of the speculative Consol Account for November occurred yesterday ; ting of the books previous to the Dividends, which will take place on theist of the large stockholders. If they do not borrow money upon their stock, but de- termine to lock up their capital in it till the opening in January, a considerable improvement in price may he anticipated ; but if (which is the more probable event) they by pledging their stock supply the demand, the speculators for the fall will be reanimated, and a further decline may be expected. Early on Mon- day, the following notice was communicated to the Stock Exchange.

standing the pressure that has so long existed, is almost as great as ever. The Three-and-a-half per Cents. and Reduced Three-and-a-half per Cents. were Country Bank. It is probable that the market will be agitated until the shut- The Consol Market has been considerably agitated since our last ; but any " Treasury Chumbers, Nov. 19. 1836.

"Gentlemen—The Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury have determined, that all Exchequer Bills outstanding, shall. on and after Monday next the 21st instant, bear an interest of 20. per hundred pounds per day. I am commanded by their Lord- ships to request that you will make this determination known at the Stock Exchange; and my Lords will forthwith take the necessary steps for carrying it into efliwt. "1 am, Gentlemen, 8cc. "C. SPEARMAN. "To the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England."

As a necessary consequence of this notice the Directors of the East India

Company have issued the following— "East India House, Nov. 21. 1836. "The Court of Directors of the East India Company do hereby give notice, that the sate of interest payable on the Company's Bonds sill be raised from 31. 10s. per cent. per annum to AL per cent, per annum, from this day. JAMES C. MELVILL."

The effect of these notices was to produce a decline of 4 per cent. in Console; but, from the causes already alluded to, the price has since improved to within a per cent, of the then quotation. Money for commercial purposes is very scarce, and 5 per cent, is readily obtained upon the first-rate bills. The advance upon the interest of Exchequer Bills has given increased currency to those Securities ; and as the Bank sales have entirely ceased, they are now at a premium of from as. to 5s.

The news from the Peninsula having been of a very doleful character, both Spanish and Portuguese Securities have declined during the whole week. The depression of the latter has been more extensive than that of the former : Spa- niels Active Stock has fallen about 2 per cent. ; but the fall of Portuguese Bonds has exceeded 4 per cent. By some persons this decline has been attri- buted to fears for the security of the dividend due on the list of December, which it was stated had been attached in the hands of the agents, Messrs. RICA RDO : there is, however, no doubt but the dividend will be paid in due course ; and we believe the present depression to have more immediately been caused by the recall of the Baron de Moucoovo, the Ambassador, and by the total change which the Ultra-Liberal party at present in power in Lisbon are making in all the arrangements, financial and others, that were adopted by their predecessors. There has not been any thing to require remark in the transactions which have occurred in the other Foreign Funds.

The Railway Shares still continue depressed. SATURDAY, TWELYR O'CLOCK,

The Consol Market opened firmly at 871 sad the price speedily advanced to ; but was not long maintained, and has since receded to 861 87 for Money, and 87A for the Account. This change is the result of some considerable sales of New Three-and-a-half per Cents., which have been effected in the course of the morning by two eminent brokers. There is more firmness in the Railway Share Minket ; and some of the varieties have been done at higher prices than yesterday ; the advance is not more than I/. per share. Exchequer Bills are steady at 3s. to 4s. prem. India Bonds are 5s. prem. In the Foreign Market, Spanish Stock has been 18, and is now In A slight demand for South American Bonds has occurred, and Columbian have been done at 211.


it was announced this afternoon, that the house of Messes. DOUGLAS, AN- Drasow, and Co., of Broad Street, have been compelled to suspend their pay. assents. Although not of first-rate importance, this establishment has been hitherto in the enjoyment of the highest credit : its transactions were principally with the Continent, where the consequences of its failure will be extensively felt. The connexion of one of its partners with a noble family in Scotland has also facilitated its operations there, where this misfortune will press heavily, Mahe present state of the Scotch Money-market. Consols close atper cent, higher than in the morning. Spanish Stock has been as low as 171, but has again im- proved, and is now 171 Portuguese Five per Cents. are 481. The other European Stocks are nominally at the morning's prices ; as are the Railway Shares.

3 per Cent. Consols

87 8 Danish 3 per Cents. 731 44 Ditto for Account

87 i Dutch 24 per Cents


3 per Cent. Reduced

865 * Mexican 6 per Cents

21 22

New 35 per Cent Anus 25* 4

Portuguese Regency Si,. Cts.

47s 48 India Stock — Ditto 3 per Cent. 294 Bank Stock

— Ditto 5 per Cents 1836 Scrip.

Exchequer Bill. 4 prem. Prussian (1818)5 per Cent..

Belgian 5 per Cents 994 100 Russian (1822)5 per Cent... 106 107 Brazilian 5 per Cents

78 9

Spanish (1M) 5 per Cent... 174 4