26 NOVEMBER 1887, Page 1

As the election approaches, the chances of the candidates become

more obscure. The Republicans have, however, it ie said, agreed not to elect " a sabre "—a polite way of shunting General Boulanger—and M. Le Royer, M. Leon Say, and M. Sidi-Carnot may be considered practically withdrawn. The choice is therefore limited to M. Floquet, M. Flourens, M. de Freycinet, M. Brisson, and M. Jules Ferry, and we should name them in that order. It is more than probable, however, that, in order to avoid conflicts caused by personal hatreds, the Assembly will adopt some candidate hitherto not political ; and if so, it will be inclined to seek him among the higher naval officers. The Admirals are neutral in politics, they are fighting men, and yet they cannot make use of the Army to crush the Republic.