26 NOVEMBER 1887, Page 1


Air GRDVY, after a bitter struggle, has resigned the 111 e Presidency of the French Republic, to which he has been twice elected. M. Clemenceau on Saturday demanded an immediate interpellation as to the intentions of the Government in the face of grievous scandals ; but M. Rouvier pleaded for delay, to allow of the conversion of the Four-and-a-Half per Cents. It was, he declared, a question of confidence, and if beaten, the Cabinet would resign. The debate lasted for less than an hoar, and was evidently insincere ; and at its close the Chamber voted against postponement by 317 to 227, the Right and the Radicals voting together. M. Rouvier thereupon resigned, and the President sent for leader after leader, and even offered to accept M. Clemenceau and his programme. All, however, -declined, and advised resignation, and on Wednesday the Presi- dent, after a consultation with M. H. Maret, a friendly journalist, told him to announce his resignation. The old Ministry, which is, of course, still in office, will read his resignation next week, and a Congress will be called at once, consisting of the 300 Senators and 584 Deputies, to elect a President. As an abso- lute majority is required, and there are three nearly equal parties, this may prove difficult, but meanwhile "Paris is tranquil."