26 NOVEMBER 1887, Page 2

It is also reported that Prince Bismarck has discovered that

a highly placed clique in Berlin have been assuring the Czar that upon certain questions the Emperor of Germany and his Minister were not in acqord. The Chancellor mentioned this fact to the Czar, utterly denied the information so conveyed, and expressed his intention of prosecuting the clique. The nature of the information given is not stated ; but if one may hazard a guess, it was intended to show that the Emperor was less hostile to Russia than Prince Bismarck, and that, consequently, the Czar had no reason for ordering Germans who hold Russian estates to dispose of them by a forced sale. That order ruinously affected numerous Prussian nobles in high position, and it is quite possible that one or two of them made desperate efforts to obtain its recall. If the Prince's threat is a sincere one—and he does not often threaten in vain—we shall see a trial rivalling in interest that of Count H. von Arnim.