26 NOVEMBER 1937, Page 17

The Tree Sense

The Coronation Planting Committee still wish to be informed of all the local efforts, which are now nearly complete. The idea has chimed in well with the ideals of that idealistic society, the Men of the Trees, who incidentally have just published a very beautiful tree calendar for 1938, published (from 17 Curzon Street) " to awaken a tree sense." There has been a battle of the trees in a good many places, especially in Berk- shire, where the oak beat the lime by a close margin. The oak has won all along the line, as it won among the War Memorial trees even in Western Australia, in general, the land of evergreens. The pedunculate oak and sessile oak (the two varieties of truly indigenous oaks) have had their own battle ; and it may be said that the publicity given to tree-planting has opened the mind, even of the laity, to the wisdom of planting the better varieties of each species. The standard example of the harm that can be done by planting the worse variety is, of course, the walnut. A very large majority of the walnuts planted at one period (a century or so ago) are entirely useless as fruit-bearers. It is as easy to plant a good sort as a bad. One would like to see a general eradication of these bad walnuts in favour of the best.