26 NOVEMBER 1937, Page 3

Inheritance Bill There will be strong approval in the country

of the statement made in Standing Committee by the Solicitor- General on the Inheritance Bill. The Government has wisely decided to take over the Bill for re-drafting, which doubtless implies that time will be found for its passage. Sir Terence O'Connor explained that as introduced the measure was obviously unworkable, and he outlined a number of amendments. It is suggested that provision should be obligatory for a widow out of income, and not out of the capital of an estate, with provision for minor children and for unmarried daughters or disabled sons ; and that the Courts should have discretionary power to limit the provision made. Up to one-third of the estate may be assigned to a childless widow ; up to one-third to a widow with children, and another third for the children ; up to one-half to motherless children. These suggestions were accepted by the promoters of the Bill. Several times in the past Parliament has made an approach to the removal of the gross injustices of the existing licence enjoyed by the testator with money to leave. The reform should not be longer delayed.