26 NOVEMBER 1937, Page 3

Remarriage in Church There could be no mistaking the majority

mind of the Church Assembly upon the question of the use of the Prayer Book marriage service for the remarriage of any person whose marriage has been legally dissolved. Lord Hugh Cecil had called for an inhibiting Act of Parliament. Professor N. P. Williams offered as the alternative a resolution welcoming the decisions of the Convocations against the use of the marriage service in the cases under discussion. This was carried by an overwhelming vote, after a debate in which the opposition was almost indiscernible. One rather curious point is that speakers used the phrase " the existing marriage service " as though any other might be used in the Church of England for the remarriage of a man or woman having a partner still living. The Church Assembly, it is to be noted, has not pronounced upon the issue of divorce itself, as that issue is left by the Act of 1937. The vote was upon the use of the Prayer Book.