26 NOVEMBER 1937, Page 31

Winter Sports Centres

THE main route to Switzerland from Great Britain is via Dover-Calais, and thence by through services to the Grisons, Bernese Oberland, or the Rhone Valley. An alter- native route is via Dover—Ostend to Bale. Two more hours aboard ship are required for the latter route, which, however, is considerably cheaper. Imperial Airways maintain a regular service to Switzerland in conjunction with Swiss Air, and Basle or Zurich can be reached before mid-day. Planes leave London twice daily, the return fares being £12 iss. to Basle, and to Zurich £14 4s.

Those who are ski enthusiasts will find one or more big runs at almost every resort. Among those which are particularly famous one may mention Corviglia, Diavolezza, Parsenn, HOrnli (Grisons), Piz Sol (East Switzerland), Titlis, Joch Pass (Central Switzerland), Eiger Glacier, MAnnlichen, Lauberhom, Schilthom (Bernese Oberland), Aletsch Glacier, Firrenhorn, Gomergrat- Blauherd (Valais region), Chamoss Aire (Vaud Alps) and Mont Corbettaz (Fribourg Alps).

Just as most resorts have their ski-runs, so one finds Tobogganing and Sleighing at nearly all resorts. Those who enjoy Curling will obtain plenty of games at any of the following centres : Engleberg, Films (Gri- sons), Griesaip (Bemese Oberland), Grindel- wald, Gstaad, Marren, Samaden (Engadine Grisons), St. Moritz-Campfer, Vals-Platz (Grisons), Wengen, Zermatt. Skating, too, is obtainable at practically all Winter Sports Centres, and Winter Sports Clubs will be found almost everywhere. St. Moritz re- mains one of the most popular centres ; perhaps this is due in some measure to the famous Crests run. St. Moritz, however, is one of the Social Centres of Switzerland, where wealthy visitors may be found at all times of the year. Davos Dorf (about half-an-hour's walk from Davos Platz) has a very fine ice rink, the area of which is about seven acres.

It is often believed that winter in Switzer- land requires quantities of warm clothing, but this is not the case. The sun rays are strong, and one sees many ski-ers carrying their outer clothing because they have be- come uncomfortably warm. One requires a good jacket to keep out the wind, thick socks, and good boots, though skis and ski boots can be hired at very reasonable prices. There are Winter Sports instructors at all the larger resorts, and the matter of cost need never deter a novice.