26 NOVEMBER 1983, Page 41

Game for a Daimler

with Dame Edna Everage

Hello Possums!

When I first began my miracle career, the front rank of Melbourne's top drama -critics in describing me invariably used the adverb: 'Angry young woman'. For this reason I've always felt a spooky old bond with my opposite number in the Old Country — apostle of the Beat Generation, Bon Viveur and thorn in the side of the mouldy mortar-board brigade Kingsley Amis. His clever family is so ubiquitous (a new word of mine which little Bernard Levin is bound to .rediscover soon) that the Amises are up there with the likes of the Sitwells, the Bronles, the Mitfords and my own multi-talented family — The Everages.

So now, from one of my favourite authors who can still make this Megastar's heart skip a beat, a question that will probe your nethermost nooks of knowledge.

Hit them, Kingsley!

Question No. 6

Set by Kingsley Amis

What were the other designations of The Secretary, Gogol, the Marquis de St Eustache, Gabriel Syme, Professor de Worms, Dr Bull and The President? rAnswer Form 6 1 Answer: Name Address Tick if student.

Keep this answer form — only send L it in at the end of the competition.