26 NOVEMBER 1983, Page 41

How to take part

1. Dame Edna Everage will introduce one question by a different person in each issue of The Spectator from now until the 10 December issue.

2. Do not send in your replies each week, but send them all together at the end of the competition. Closing date for entries is 7 January 1984. 3. Each week there will be a special reply coupon. Please fill your answer in on this. Some weeks more space may be required, in which case you may write your answer on plain paper and attach it to the coupon. To be eligible for a prize you must send in eight coupons. No correspondence will be entered into over the competition.

4. In the event of any dispute or doubt over the winning entry, the final ar- biter will be the Editor of The Spec- tator. The competition is not open to relations of Dame Edna Everage and her entourage nor to employees of The Spectator and their relations.