26 NOVEMBER 1983, Page 41


The first prize is a magnificent 1934 'hinder Saloon, which is illustrated above. It is fully licensed and in excellent condition having had only two owners. The car is valued at Other prizes include a case of John- nie Walker Cardhu malt whisky, two Targa 1005 gold Sheaffer fountain Pens, bottles of champagne and claret and signed copies of Dame Edna's Bedside Companion.

For Students: Win the British Airways/ Spectator special student prize of two return tickets to anywhere in the world on the British Airways network. This special prize is for the best student en- try; students are of course eligible for the first prize, but they cannot win both. The definition of a student is anyone studying fulltime at a sixth form college or university or for pro- fessional qualifications. Proof will be required.