26 OCTOBER 1878, Page 1


ALL the papers have received telegrams from India stating that the reply brought from Cabul by the British Envoy, Gholam Hussein Khan, is unsatisfactory and unconciliatory ; and one, the Daily News, is informed that the Ameer bids " us do our worst," and let God decide the issue. Orders, therefore, have been issued for the collection of a large army, which will number 35,000 men, and include at least 12,000 European infantry. The corps intended to enter the Khyber will alone number 16,000 men, while some 12,000 more will occupy Candahar, and a smaller corps attempt the Koorum, and will be com- manded by Sir Frederick Haines in person. Three regi- ments of light cavalry are to be sent from this country, and all brigades of artillery in Northern India are being brought up to their full strength. The advance, it is stated, will not be made till the spring, the Commissariat requiring time to collect the great number of camels and mules required ; but we are not quite sure that the statements about time and some of the statements about numbers are not intended for Russian consumption. The march on Candahar may be made earlier. Certainly the nonsense sent home about the Native Princes volunteering is intended for home effect. Two or three protected chiefs of the Sikh States, one Christian noble, and one small chief from Rajpootana make up the whole of them.