26 OCTOBER 1878, Page 2

The Hapsburgs are going for once to overcome Hungarian opposi-

tion. Herr Tisza, the Premier, hinted to a private meeting of his fol- lowers, held the day before the Pesth Parliament met, that within two years Bosnia and Herzegovina would be annexed ; but, never- theless, on the election of the Speaker on October 24, which was regarded as a test-vote, the Government carried its candidate by 206 to 144, a very heavy majority. The Emperor, in fact, will have his provinces, and the Magyars do not see their way to breaking up the dual arrangement. At present, the idea seems to- be that Bosnia, Herzegovina, Dalmatia, and Croatia may be united into one kingdom, thus making the monarchy triune ; but there will be a great fight over that, as Hungary considers Croatia a dependency. The drift of events tends to show that while the Empire lasts, the Emperor will guide its foreign policy, but he is hampered as his family always have been, by the poverty of the State. Austria needs a great financier even more than a great statesman.