26 OCTOBER 1878, Page 23

Queen Dora : the Life and Lessons of a Little

Girl. By Kathleen Knox. (Griffith and Farran.)—Dora is a girl who has the good-fortune to be educated by the wisest of parents, who aro happily not wanting in the means to carry out their schemes. To complete her good- fortune, there comes, as if to brace her, a wholesome whiff of cold air, in a temporary reverse, which makes her leave her pleasant home for a while, and learn by contrast the real value of its delights. Dora is a very charming little creature, and wo have been much pleased in read- ing about her. May all mothers have such daughters, and all daughters such mothers ! 'Whether reading Queen Dora will at all help forward such a result we cannot say, but "the experiment is worth trying." Anyhow, the pleasure of reading a nice book will have been gained. —Ephraim and llelah: a Story of the Exodus. By Edwin Hodder. (Hodder and Stoughton.)—We cannot say that wo much like these books, in which the narrative of the Bible is filled in with the machinery of a modern novel ; yet there are readers to whom they are certainly pleasing, so it is quite possible that they may have their uses of in- struction. The Bible story, so to speak, takes everything for granted ; and though its great outlines belong to human nature in every ago, there is much that it requires special knowledge, not in every one's reach, to appreciate, or oven understand. Mr. Hodder has studied his authorities, it would seem, with care, and will help his readers to realise Egyptian life.