26 OCTOBER 1878, Page 3

The discussion which arose last week on Mr. Adam's speech

concerning the judgment passed by the country on the foreign policy of the Government, has been misdirected into a general discussion on the result of the various elections since 1874. Tbis was not Mr. Adam's point. He confined himself exclusively to the elections which have taken place since Lord Beaconsfield's foreign policy became the main feature of the political issue between the two parties. Thus limited, it is certain that we must deduce a very different result from that which might be inferred from dealing with all the four and a half years of Conservative rule. In the last two years the Liberals have not only won more seats from the Conservatives than the Conservatives have won

from the Liberals, but in almost every contested election the Conservatives have greatly lost ground even where they have kept their lead, and the Liberals have gained ground even in defeat. The country is not fascinated by the Foreign-Office fireworks. It is alarmed by them, even where it is not disgusted.