26 SEPTEMBER 1863, Page 2

The Emperor of Russia opened the Session of the Fin-

nish Diet in person on the 18th inst. His Majesty observed that he had long intended to assemble the States, but " supe- rior considerations, the appreciation of which is reserved to me," had suspended his design. Now that they had assem- bled, however, he promised that loans should not be raised unless an unexpected invasion of the enemy, or some other unforeseen public misfortune, rendered it unavoidable. He trusted that in the next Session, which should be called three years hence, he should be able to submit to them new funda- mental laws, which would extend the control of the Diet over the national taxation. He trusted that the representatives of the Grand Duchy, by the dignity, moderation, and calm of their discussions, would prove " that, in the hands of a wise people," liberal institutions, so far from being a danger, become a source of strength and prosperity. The meaning of all this is that the Czar, expecting a descent on Finland, wishes to conciliate the Finns. The easiest, or, at all events, the cheapest way to conciliate, is to promise that if they are very good they shall in three years enjoy some quite unde- fined reward.