26 SEPTEMBER 1863, Page 3

The Prussian Government has finally refused to consent to the

Austrian plan for the reform of the Germanic Bund. The form of refusal is, of course, polite, being a partial acceptance, on the condition that all the main propositions shall previously be reversed. Thus, the Presidency is to be- long not to Austria, as suggested, but equally to the two Powers, who, moreover, shall possess a veto upon the acts of all the remaining States. The Assembly is to be elected by the people instead of by the State Diets, and war for non-federal provinces is to be declared out of the question. The move is rather a clever one, for the new proposals will please the Germans, while, should they be accepted, Austria would miss all her secret objects, but Prussia would sacrifice nothing. Its only practical effect., however, will be to nullify the effect of the grand Congress of Kings, and Princes, and reigning personages recently held at Frankfort. The National Verein, moreover, which met on the 24th at Dresden, has aided the Prussian demurrer by severely condemning the Austrian proposition. The Verein adheres to the Constitution of 1849.