26 SEPTEMBER 1992, Page 30

Bombs away

Sir: You have been fighting a gallant rear- guard action against Euromania. When duly verified against your doubtless abun- dant accurate archives, the following may

suggest an image adding anecdotal piquan- cy to a future article on that theme.

The Fairey 'Battle' dive-bomber was developed for the RAF in 1935. In early May 1940 there was a squadron of twelve of these aircraft in service.

They were given the task of destroying a bridge at Maastricht, with the desperate aim of delaying Hitler's armies. Eleven of them were lost and their commanding offi- cer was posthumously awarded the VC.

The Fairey 'Battle' was not heard of again.

So Maastricht brought us disaster once before. Do go on trying to win your gong, but not posthumously, please; we do so need your lone beam of sanity.

M.A. Hauleury

Canterbury, Kent