26 SEPTEMBER 1992, Page 32

Bottom line

Sir: I am an admirer of Mr Waugh's literary accomplishments, but I hope I am not being churlish if I say that I do not find his bottom a particularly inspiring subject for

contemplation (Another voice, 5 Septem- ber). Even less did 1 care for the vivid account of recent melancholy events occur- ring in that region of his body. I can well understand his desiring to confide his dis- tress to some intimate friend, but to the thousands of your readers — ?

I am quite sure that we all rejoice at his speedy recovery. But if (which God forbid) the symptoms should recur, a simple reminder will be all that is necessary to regain our sympathy. 'Same as before' Will do quite nicely.

D.C. Barker

Denhams, Higher Backway, Bruton, Somerset