27 APRIL 1951, Page 18


IN the glory of spring sunshine we shall soon forget the long wet winter with its unenviable records of cloud and precipitation. The other day I saw Bombylius, the bee fly, for the first time this year, hovering over a primrose, and visitors to my Kentish garden have included a magnificent cock pheasant and his sombre spouse, three wood-pigeons, appearing quite brilliantly blue in the bright sunshine, and a prosperous- looking grey squirrelkwho twice in a few minutes unearthed a hazel-nut from the 'ground a few yards from my front door. As I looked down upon him froth an upstairs window, he sat up on his haunches and rapidly consumed the delicacy which knowledge or good fortune had twice bestowed upon him. To make sure he had not been fooling me I afterwards retrieved the two shells he had left upon the ground.