27 APRIL 1951, Page 18

The Hoopoe

April 21st is marked in my diary as a memorable day, and its approach has made me keep a keen look out this year, for on this date in 1950 I had a visit from A hoopoe. It was my first and only sight of this attractive bird, and I afterwards heard that it was seen in North Kent on the same day. Considering its colours, brown, black and white, it is surprisingly bright in plumage and exotic in appearance. :It gave us plenty of time to make our observations ; but unfortunately we did not hear its call. A yard or two away from the spot where my squirrel was eating its nuts, the hoopoe industriously collected insects with its long thin beak And displayed its crest. From pictures of the bird that I had seen I had: imagined it to be much larger than it is. It is about the si/c of a blackbird.