27 APRIL 1956, Page 16


SIR,—Many readers may recall the Spectator Experimental Company. It is just over 50 years since the*' Company was founded by the late Lieut.-Colonel Pollock—to be exact, the Men assembled at Hounslow between March 15 and 17, 1906, for six months' training.

It would be of interest even today to publish a short account of the success of the venture as an experiment in military training and as a grounding for civilian life. It may be said that Colonel Pollock foresaw the value of Commando training half a century ago.

As one who was privileged to have served in the Company, I shall be pleased to hear from ex-members with the possibility ot arranging a reunion meeting. — Yours faithfully, BERNARD RAPERPORT

8 India Street, Minories, EC3