27 APRIL 2002, Page 32

Euro caveat

From Mr Tim Martin Sir: The headline of the advertisement on behalf of Britain in Europe (page 27, 13 April) stated, 'They said the euro would never happen . . . but it has.' My name is mentioned beneath the headline, implying that I had this view.

In fact, I have never made this point but believe that the euro will not survive in the absence of a federal government with substantial tax-raising powers: the pre-condition for a sustainable currency.

Tim Martin

Chairman, JD Witherspoon plc, Watford

Modest targets

From Mr Andrew Bernard

Sir: In his review of Who's Who in Hell, Benji Wilson (Books, 13 April) characterises Hugh Massingberd as 'an English eccentric of the sort Hollywood imagines shoot snipe in their underpants'. Is this not an unusual habitat for such a shy bird?

Andrew Bernard

Clanfield, Oxfordshire