27 APRIL 2002, Page 49

High life

Great news


HNew York appiness is returning to the Bagel after a Southampton, Long Island, weekend of tennis and shooting, and receiving a telephone call from Sebastian Taylor in St Tropez announcing Jean-Marie Le Pen's great victory. Happiness is also seeing pictures of Socialists crying as the results are coming in. Finally, happiness is reading one Paul Krugman (an ex-Enron consultant, now yet another embarrassing columnist in the Big Bagel Times) compare Le Pen's France to George W. Bush's America and warn Americans that fascism is doing fine in the land of Uncle Sam.

Krugman's ravings comparing an overrun-by-Muslims, highly centralised and highly taxed France to America are not only bad journalism, but also plain stupid. Warning that Representative Tom DeLay presents a fascist threat from the 'biblical worldview' Right wing shows only desperation. Better go back to Enron, Krugman, writing is a bit more complicated than the 'consulting' you're used to. And I better go back to the best news I've had since Bill Clinton's impeachment.

Le Pen came to Greece during the midEighties, and my father gave a glittering reception for him. I was proud to sit next to the great man, and even prouder when we emerged from my father's hotel to be greeted by smelly rent-a-mob thugs howling insults. I gave the mob the Greek version of the finger, and it went crazy with fury. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching professional leftists scream abuse at their infinite superiors. Incidentally, one of the first wreaths to arrive when my daddy died was from Le Pen.

All the French did last Sunday was to vote their loathing of their own politicians. After Le Grand Charles and the magnificent George Pompidou, it's been all downhill. Giscard was a pompous corporatist and social climber. Mitterrand had a great intellect, but was probably a collaborator who even faked an assassination attempt. His personal failings overshadow his intellectual strengths. Chirac is a hack politician, like Blair, relying on spin and evasion. He will now have seven more years of feeding off the public trough, but he has been warned. What a divine irony. After the most disgusting government of Europe (the Belgian) threatened sanctions against the nicest people of Europe (the Austrians) over Haider, and the most charming (the Italians) over Berlusconi, come the French and Le Pen. What is that arch phoney Louis Michel, the Belgian foreign minister, gonna do now? Threaten sanctions on the cheese-eaters? Of course not. The EU is a bullying coward which knows whom to bully and when, One of Le Pen's strengths is his distaste for the European Union. His other great strength is his ability to tell it like it is. No Blair he. He has made law and order and immigration central to his politics, and he has said that France's membership in the EU has reduced its President to the status of the 'governor of Nebraska or Idaho'.

Hear, hear. Let the British people be warned. Blair wants to take you further into that labyrinth of bureaucracy and waste, but he's got bigger plans for himself. Inside the labyrinth false rhetoric thrives. Blair will be in his element. The rest of you, of course, can go to hell. Oh yes, I almost forgot. The 'little people' who voted for Le Pen don't count as far as the Left is concerned. I watched while poi after poi denounced the results as this takes one's breath away — 'undemocratic'. All that lefty rabble that marched against Le Pen after the election simply does not recognise a democratic election. Just as the disgusting Belgians don't. You either vote our way, or you're a fascist, is the EU bureaucrook's way of thinking.

Well, I've got news for you. Le Pen will go down to glorious defeat, but there will be more Le Pens in the future. He is a nationalist, a man who — unlike Clinton, Blair and the rest of the rabble — fought for his country and is proud to have done so. He has been vilified like no other politician, yet his honesty and courage have shone through the mud-slinging. I only wish that the Brits would take notice. Arab immigrants are to blame for the crime wave that's out of control in France. As they are to blame for the anti-Semitic incidents. If it makes one a racist to point this out, so be it. Both America and Britain are being overrun by immigrants, but the leftwing media and punditocracy can only snarl about racism. The 'little people's' time is not yet here, but it is acomin'! Vive Le Pen!