27 AUGUST 1927, Page 13


A charming addition to the London Zoo has arrived in the birth of a young zebra. The colts of this race look even more equine than their parents, and set one wondering why the zebra is not one of our domesticated animals. Biologists have thought some sorts of zebra so near to the horse that they hoped to produce a mixed race ; but only mules have been bred and they rarely. Perhaps in the Zoo of the future one department will definitely concern itself with the domestication of animals. The Canadians have experimented not unsuc- cessfully with the yak, and with a cross between the buffalo and Hereford cattle. The Zoo itself has a good precedent. One of its first endeavours was to introduce the guinea-fowl, first to the British farmyard, and secondly to the pheasant covert. An animal of which more varieties might be tried is the goat.