27 DECEMBER 1919, Page 11



Sue—We, being clergy and ministers of religion in the city of Carlisle and the immediate neighbourhood, desire to place on record our general approval of the work of the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) in the Carlisle area; and we earnestly trust that there will be no return to the old licensing system. At the same time we suggest that local opinion should have more influence on the action of the Board in each place, and that for this purpose the Local Advisory Committee (or at least a majority of them) should be appointed by popularly elected bodies, such as Town and County Councils. Wo hope that future legislation concerning the traffic in strong drink will follow the lines which have proved so beneficial in the Carlisle area. We are, Sir, ho.,

C. BARROW-IN-FURNESS, Bishop Suffragan and Canon of Carlisle; A. B. BLACKBURN, Assistant- Curateof St. Cuthbert's, Carlisle; EDWARD BOOTH, Minister, Congregational Church, Lowther Street; JOHN W. BURROUGHS, Wesleyan Minister; ALBERT E. BURTON, Minister, United Methodist Churth, Lowther Street; II. ERNEST CAMPBELL, Canon of Carlisle; Wsr. COPELAND, Vicar of St. Stephen's; F. C. COSTELOE, Vicar of St. John's; Romer A. DAVENPORT, Assistant-Master of Carlitile Grammar School; J. L. DONALDSON, Assistant-Curate of Holy Trinity; E. BRAMWELL EVENS, Wesleyan Minister; Hums FALCONER, Minister, Moderator of the Pres- byterian Church of England, Fisher Street; WALTER S. GARDNER, Vicar of St. Paul's, Hon. Canon of Carlisle and Rural Dean; R. SAUNDERS GREENE, Vicar of Scothy; F. C. HAGOART, Minister, Baptist Church; GEOROE A. Mem, Minister, Con- gregational Church, Cecil Street; F. W. Homes, Vicar of St. James'; JAMES McKee, Minister, Pres- byterian Church of England, Warwick Road; F. L. H. Mueeste, Vicar of St. Aidan's; THOMAS OWRID, Assistant-Curate, St. John's; C. T. PHILLIPS, Vicar of Stanwix; J. E. PRESCOTT, Archdeacon and Canon of Carlisle; Chancellor of the Diocese; II. EASHDALL, Dean of Carlisle; H. D. RAWNSLEY, Canon of Carlisle; HENRY ROBSON, Minor Canon of Car- lisle CathedraleGeo. TULIP SCOTT, Minister, Primi- tive Methodist Church; FRANK D. STONES, Vicar of St. Cuthbert's; II. II. SUMMERS, Minister, Congre- gational Church, Charlotte Street; HENRY WALMISLEY, Wesleyan Minister; H. II. Weeresres, Assistant-Curate, St. James'; J. WHITMORE, Vicar of St. Mary's; J. R. WILKINSON, Assistant-Curate, St. Paul's.