27 DECEMBER 1919, Page 13


[To THE EDITOR or THE " SPECTATOR."] Sitt,—The letter about the Bloomsbury grocer's cat that bought her own cat's-meat in your issue of December 6th is interest- ing, but I can tell a true tale of a dog who could also make his own purchases. Some years ago when I was visiting the quaint little town of Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, there was a liver-and-white spaniel belonging to the local house painter and glazier, and it did not matter in what part of the town one met him, if given a penny he would immediately amble off to one particular grocer's shop, deposit his penny on the sawdust- covered floor, and receive a round cake in exchange, which he would at once eat with great enjoyment.—I am, Sir, &c.,

42 .4rundel Terrace, Barnes, S.W. 13.

Taos. J. SOWTER.