27 DECEMBER 1919, Page 13

the Sptaatar We suggest that there can be no better

Present in Peace or War than an Annual Subscription to the Spectator. He or she who gives the Spectator as a present will give a weekly pleasure, as well as a weekly reminder that the donor has not forgotten his friend. Fill in or copy the form below, and enclose it with a cheque for £1 8s. 2d., or if for abroad, £1 10s. ed., payable in advance, or order from your own Bookstall or Newsagent.

To the MANAGER, The " SPECTATOR," 1 Wellington Street, Strand, London, W.C. 2.

I enclose Cheque (or Postal Order) and should like the SPECTATOR " sent for one year to

Name (Please state Title, or whether Mr., Mrs., or Miss.) Address