27 DECEMBER 1919, Page 3

General Denikin has made the important announcement that he will

try to come to terms with the newly formed border States in order to present a united front to the Bolsheviks. It is most unfortunate that the attempt has been so long delayed, since the Bolsheviks alone have profited by the quarrels of their adversaries. But it is not too late even now to compose these quarrels if General Denikin's envoys show moderation and tact. Esthonia has just discovered in the negotiations at Dorpat that the Bolsheviks, who talk so loudly of " self-determination," do not mean to concede it to the Eathonians, but insist on a " strategic frontier " of the old-fashioned kind. Perhaps the bo:der States will learn from this episode that it is futile to negotiate with the Bolsheviks, and that they would be well advised to come to an agreement with the Russian patriots.