27 DECEMBER 1919, Page 3

The Ministerial statements in the Italian Chamber show that •

the Adriatic question is still unsolved. America has been unable as yet to accept the very moderate compromise over Istria and Dalmatia proposed by Signor Tittoni, and the dis- cussion is again postponed. It seems, however, as if Signor Nitti's patient methods will induce Signor d'Annunzio to leave Fiume. The citizens were asked to vote on a suggestion that both the regular and irregular Italian forces should leave the town. Four-fifths of the voters supported the scheme, much to the poet's annoyance. As Fiume is at least to become a Free City, separate from the Southern Slav Kingdom, there is no particular reason why Italian troops should remain in the town. The diplomatists will be able to arrange matters more easily when Signor d'Annunzio has gone home. His pronun- cia miento last week against Signor Nitti was too late.