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Aberfan disaster, the, 40 (A) Abortion: the difficulties of amending the Abortion Act, 41 (M), 88 (L) Abortion city. 41 (M) ABS (Association of Broadcasting Staffs). 510, 823 (A) Absence. An, Uwe Johnson (trans. Richard and Clara Winston), 307 (R) Acid Test, The, 590 (P) Ada, Vladimir Nabokov, 477 (RI Adalen '31, 611 (AR) Adorno, Theodor, 233 (S) Adventures among strangers, 165 (A) Adventures of Good Comrade Schweik, The, Helmut Putt, 682 (R) ADVERTISING political (especially Labour) party advertising, 328 (S); give-away ad-mags, 402 (A); a quotation from a Labour

party advertisement, 470 (S); News of the World commer-

cial TV ad banned by the LTA, 472 (A); advertising supplements as press prostitution, 635 (A); a Times 'special report' (advertising supplement) on the Soviet Union, 705 (V) Aesthetic Movement, The: Prelude to Art Nouveau, Elizabeth Aslin, 872 (R) Africa: how to improve medical facilities, 25 (L) Africa, East: the role of Asians, 548 (R) Afrikaners, The, John Fisher, 648 (R), 729, 805, 881 (L) After Blaiberg, 264 (M) After the purge, 433 (A) Afterthought, 26, 58, 90, 122, 155, 188, 220. 252, 283. 316, 346, 387. 422, 453, 493, 525, 573, 657, 693, 770, 805, 850, 882. 914 (AF) Against All Reason, Geoffrey Moorhouse, 371 (R) Age: of SPECTATOR correspondents, 849, 913 (1) 'Agenda for a Generation' (Labour publication), 450 (F) Age of Consent, 724 (AR) Agnew, Vice-President, 818 (A) AGRICULTURE AND FARMING changes in the Conservatives' policy, 739 (LA), 8411 (1) an agricultural policy for an enlarged EEC, 739 (LA) drawbacks of antibiotics in animal husbandry, 822 (M) for EEC common agricultural policy SCC EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY AIR TRAVEL AND AVIATION hijacking of aircraft, 323 (LA), 346 (AF). 452 (L), 633 (S); the US to produce a rival to Concorde. 436 (S); fewer

SpaST, ssen89gers3 (A) on domestic routes, 7,t6 (S); Boeing's projected

Alarm signal, 748 (M) Albert Hall, Royal: disappearance of its echo, ISO (AR) Aldridge, Alan, (ed.) The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, 844 (R) Alexandra, Queen, 550 (R) Alfred the Great, 117 (AR) Ali Baba and the forty martyrs, 892 (A) Alibi for a Corpse. Elizabeth Lemarchand, 515 (R) Allen, Johannes, Tumult, 80 (R) All fall down, 37 (A) Alliluyeva, Svetlana, Only One Year. 514 (R) Alliterative alphabetical verse. 526 (CO) Allsop, Kenneth: rebuffs the Arts Council, 24 (L); grows a moustache, 673 (PS), 769 (L) All systems out of control, 535 (LA) Amadi, Elechi, The Great Ponds, 374 (R) Amante anglaise, L' (Royal Court), 448 (AR) Amber light from The Hague, 781 (A) America liver with the crisis, 52 (F) American Foreign Polley, Henry Kissinger, 293 (A) American Legion, the, 440 (Ti) A mery, Julian, Joseph Chamberlain and the Tariff Reform Campaign: Vols V and VI of the Life of Joseph Chamber- lain, 114 (R) Anus, Kingsley, The Green Man, 480 (R) Among our rich relations, 432 (A) Ancient Civilisation of Rome, The, G. Picard, 834 (RI Anderson, Mary D., The Changeling Ninbid. 721 (R) Anderson, Lindsay, 611 (AR), 632 (A), 691 (L), 824 (A), 913 (L) Anderson's complaint, 632 (A) Anderson's complaint-Act Two, 824 (A) . and the moon, 107 (A) Anecdote, an old, 199 (A), 251 (L) Angry border, 71 (A) Animals and Maps, Wilma George. 412 (11) Annenberg, Walter, 382 (AR) Antibiotics, disenchantment with, 822 (MI Antony and Cleopatra (Chichester), 149 (AR) Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture, An, A. W. N.

Pugin, 678 (R) Appeasement: before the war and now, 705 (V); the Munich myth, 861 (V) Appeasement in our Time, 705 (V) Apples, 362 (S) Apple that corrupted Eve, The, 474 (TT) Arberry, A. .1., (ed.) Religion in the Middle East: Three Religions in Concord and Conflict, 142 (R) Archaelogy: the excavations at Cadbury Hill, 203 (P) Archer, Jeffrey, 770 (AF) ARCHITECTURE the proposed 600 ft high National Provincial Bank, 150 (AR); recommendations of the Prices and Incomes Board on architects' fees, 169 (A); death of Mies van der Rohe, 278 (AR), 345 (L); demolition in Bloomsbury, 295 (S); Shandy Hall, Yorkshire, being restored, 295 (S); Carlton Terrace to be replaced by offices, 324 (P); Pugin, his books and his architecture, 678 (R); the partly built University of Surrey at Guildford, 687 (AR), 729 (L); Orthodox churches in south-east Europe, 758 (R); rebuilding threat- ened in Whitehall. 868 (A); 79, 834 (R) Arciniegas, German, Latin America: A Cultural History, 516 (R) Are You Trying to Annoy Me?, Katherine Blake, 409 (R) Anas, P. E., and Max Hirmer, History of Greek Vase Paint- ing, 833 (R) Armies: great regiments, 843 (R) Arnold, Matthew, 681 (R), 769, 805 (L) Arnold, Dr. Thomas, 681 (R), 729 (L) ART individual exhibitions: Andre Bauchant, 686, Charles Biederman, 485, Edward Burro, 686, Patrick Caulfield, 611, Ken Draper, 522, Mario Dubsky, 522, Elizabeth Frink, 876, Terry Frost, 686, Yves Gaucher, 613, Derrick Greases, 554, John Heartfield, 555, Paul Huxley, 686, Henry Inlan- der, 520; Morris Kestelman, 554, Henri Laurens, 724, Claud Lovat Fraser, 449, Edward Middleditch, 554, John Milne, 522, John Murphy, 342, Jules Olitzki, 279, Mary Potter, 723, Alan Reynolds, 686, Bridget Riley, 84, Leonard Rosoman, 611, Michael Sandie, 723, William Scott. 686, David Tremlett, 876, Leon Underwood, 723, Peter Waldron, 342 (AR); a pop art show (Hayward Gallery), 84 (AR), 154 (L); Francis Bacon and James Pryde, 89 (L); the Bauhaus, 177, 904 (RI; the British Museum's Greek and Roman antiquities, 182 (AR); Edvard Munch and Expressionism, 214 (AR); a Stubbs exhibition, 247 (AR); Verrocchio, 270 (R); Matisse bronzes, 279 (AR); summer shows, 279, 310 (AR); some Picasso drawings, 279 (AR); a David Jones watercolour, 279 (AR); 'French Paintings since 1900' (Royal Academy), 310 (AR); 'Contemporary African Art' (Camden Arts ('entre), 310 (AR); Day. Bauchant, Dail. 310 (AR); 'Big Paintings for Big Places' (exhibition), 342 (AR); the Annenberg collection of French paintings, 382 (AR); Tudor and Jacobean portraits 594 (R ); 'Irish Portraits, 1660-1860', 652 (AR); J. F. Millet (exhibi- tion), 723 (AR); water-colours of the Norwich School, 723 (AR); Claude exhibition, 764 (AR); English portraiture from 1540 to 1620. 799 (AR); Greek and Roman art, 833 (R); Samuel Palmer and Edward Burne-Jones, 902 (R); Kandinsky and the Bauhaus, 904 (R); van Gogh, 904 (12); Ben Nicholson, 904 (R); Turner, 904 (R); 'The English at Table, 1700-1970' (exhibition), 909 (AR); 309, 840, 844, 872 (R) Artistes at the Top of the Big Tnp: Disorientated, 487 (AR) Arts Council: rebuffed by Kingsley Amis and Kenneth Alison. 24 (L); working party recommends repeal of Obscene Publications Acts, 73 (S), 296 (PS) Asian questions, 165 (A) As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning, Laurie Lee, 718 (R) Astir'. Elizabeth, The Aesthetic Movement: Prelude to Art Nouveau, 872 (R) Assassination as a political means, 212 (R) Association of Broadcasting Staffs, 510, 823 (A) Astor, David: twenty-one years as editor of the Observer, 364 (A) Astragale. L', 278 (AR) Atlantic Ocean: crossed by rowing boat, 167 (S) Atlantis: The Truth behind the Legend, A. G. Galanopoulos and E. Bacon, 375 (R) Atoz Formula, The, Asa Benveniste, 177 (R) Attwater, Donald, A Cell of Good Living: The Life, Works and Opinions of Eric Gill, 797 (R) Auden, W. H., City without Walls, 827 (R) Auden, W. H., and Paul B. Taylor, (trans.) The Elder Edda, 827 (R) Auden's Poetry, Justin Replogle, 827 (R) Australia: the post-election political scene, 669 (A); Mr Gorton survives, 669 (A); external problems. 669 (A) Austria: Maria Theresa, 754 (R) Automatic machine, a defective, 328 (S) Aventuras (TSE company at the Artist's Place). 765 (AR) Avorn, Jerry L., and others, University in Revolt: A History of the Columbia Crisis, 244 (R) Ayer, Professor A. J.: 656 (L), 791 (R); his children's schools, 690, 726, 768, 913 (L) Ayer, A. J., Metaphysics and Common Sense, 791 (R)


Babbitt. Milton: and electronic music. 50 (AR) Bark to Methuselah (Old Vic), 182 (AR) Backward leap, 675 (CI) Bacon, E., and A. G. Galanopoulos, Atlantis: The Truth behind the Legend, 375 (R) Bacteria win, 822 (M) Badges, lapel: suggestions for the Conservative party, 423 (CO) Bagley, Desmond, The Spaers, 180 (R) Bagnold, Enid, Enid Bagnold's Autobiography, 751 (R) Bailey. David, and Peter Evans. Goodbye Baby and Amen, 844 (R) Bailey. F. G., Stratagems and Spoils: A Social Anthropology of Politics, 112 (R) Baker, Carlos, Ernest Hemingway, 208 (R) Baker, Elliott, The Penny Wars, 481 (R) Baldness and virility, 494 (CO) Baldwin, Stanley, 477, 792 (R) Baldwin, Keith Middlemas and John Barnes, 477 (R) BALLET

the Dance Theatre of Alwin Nikolais, 21 (AR); Festival Ballet (Coliseum), 22 (AR); Swan Lake and The Nut- cracker (Bolshoi Ballet), 84 (AR); Spartacus (Bolshoi Ballet), 117 (AR); Bolshoi triple bills, 181 (AR); the Bolshoi Ballet season a disappointment, 181 (AR); Margot Fonteyn in Sleeping Beauty (Royal Ballet), 448 (AR); Scottish Theatre Ballet's (formerly Western Theatre Ballet) Beauty and the Beast, 764 (AR); Norman Morrice's Blind- Sight (Ballet Rambert), 799 (AR); John Neumeier's Frontier (Scottish Theatre Ballet), 800 (AR): the Dutch National Ballet and Rudi van Dantzig's ballets, 846 (AR)

Balloons: used to deliver anti-Stalinist books in East Germany, 5)0 (S) Balmoral Castle, 422 (AF) Bandits, E. J. Hobsbawm, 908 (R) Banknotes: what to do with your money at Christmas, 657 (AF) Banks: limitation of domestic credit expansion, 383 (F); bank shares as an investment, 383 (F); merchant banks as an investment, 419 (F) Barbara gets her replay, 860 (PC) Barbarossa, Frederick, 80 (R) Barbiere di Siviglia, 11 (Covent Garden), 722 (AR) Barbirolli, Lady, 742 (P) Barnes, John, and Keith Middlemas, Baldwin, 477 (R) Barnum in London, Raymund Fitzsimons, 874 (R) Barr, John, Derelict Britain, 136 (S) Barrie, Sir James: and an imaginary lawsuit, 634 (PS) Barth, John, Lost in the Funhouse, 374 (R) Barthelme, Donald, Unspeakable Practises, Unnatural Acts, 146 (R) Bartholomew Fair (Aldwych), 653 (AR) Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 269 (IT) Bataille, Michel, The Christmas Tree, 793 (R) Bateman, H. M., 844 (R) Bateman, Michael, The Man Who Drew the Twentieth Century, 844 (R) Bates, H. E., The Vanished World, 550 (R) Battersby, Martin, The Decorative Twenties, 844 (R) Battiscombe, Georgina, Queen Alexandra, 550 (R) Battle of Britain, 415 (AR) Bauchant, Andre; a painting, 310 (AR); exhibition, 686 (AR) Bauhaus, the, 177, 904 (R) Bauhaus, The, Hans M. Wingler, 904 (R) BBC, THE its contribution to the founding of postwar broadcasting in West Germany, 11 (A); and a sense of mission, 56 (L); its plans for sound radio, 73 (S); BBC Advisory Councils, 120, 186, 251, 315 (L); 154 (L); My life with the BBC, 168 (PS), 220 (L); proposal to disband three orchestras, 188 (CO), 235 (A); television fee to go up and radio licence fee to be abolished, 235 (A); its responsibility as a patron of music, 235 (A); Sir Hugh Greene, 240 (R); its Service for Africa biased?, 283, 385, 491, 573, 617, 657 (L); twenty- four-hour strike by the Association of Broadcasting Staffs, 510 (A); the pseudo-excited style of news presentation, 633 (S); Dr Fraser Darling's Reith Lectures, 820 (5); the ABS's concern over broadcasting in the 'seventies, 823 (A) Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, The. (ed.) Alan Aldridge, 844 (R) Beautiful Island, The, Meg Rutherford, 600 (R) Beauty and the Beast (Scottish Theatre Ballet), 764 (AR) Beaver, Patrick, The Big Ship: Bran',. 'Great Eastern'-A Pictorial History, 843 (R) Beaverbrook, Lord, 82 (R) Beckett, Samuel, 551 (R) Beerbohm, Max, More Theatres, 483 (R) Behind the Brooke Affair, 134 (A) Beloff, Max, Imperial Sunset Vol 1: Britain's Liberal Empire 1897-1921, 796 (R) Benedictus, David, The Guru and the Golf Club, 146 (R) Benn, Anthony Wedgwood: Go ape, 58 (AF); 164 (PC); becomes Minister of Technology and Minister of Power, 464 (PC); grants and loans to Upper Clyde Shipbuilders, 894 (A) Benoni, The, W. R. Hartson, 694 (C) Benveniste, Asa, The Atoz Formula, 177 (R) Beny, Roloff, and Aubrey Menen, India, 835 (R) Berberova, Nina, The Italics are Mine, 754 (R) Berenson, Bernard, Homeless Paintings of the Renaissance, 840 (R) Bergengruen, Werner, Rome Remembered, 834 (R) Berkeley, Humphry: and publicity, 708 (S); 770 (AF) Berlioz: Les Troyens, 415 (AR) Bermant, Chaim, Here Endeth the Lesson, 112 (R) Bernhardt, Michael: refuses to shoot, 893 (V) Best, George, 869 (A) Best blow, The, 742 (P) Besterman, Theodore, Voltaire, 443 (R) Best House in London, The, 149 (AR) Best Men', 'The: Liberal Reformers in the Gilded Age, John G. Sproat, 274 (R) Bethel], Nicholas, Gomulka: his Poland and his Communism, 47 (R) Better Than One, William Watson, 243 (R) Beurdeley, Michel, (ed.) The Clouds and the Rain, 835 (R) Bevilacqua, Alberto, Califfa, 716 (R) Beyond a doubt?, 711 (A) BIAFRA Britain's guilt for the starving and shooting of Biafrans, 3 (LA); the denial of relief supplies, 34 (PW), 35 (LA); relations of Ibos and non-Ibos in former Eastern Region. 56 (L); alleged massacres and brutalities, 56, 573 (L); the question of plebiscites, 56, 153, 186 (L); the House of Commons debates Biafra, 68 (PC); speech by Bernard Brain, 120 (L); 'United Nigeria Group' refuses a public debate, 121 (L); a 'memorandum' on the civil war, 122 (AF) ; Nigeria will not subdue Biafra, 219. 491 (L); the BBC's Service for Africa biased?, 283, 385, 491, 573, 617. 657 (L); poor coverage of the civil war in the Times, 297 (A); the OAU's resolution on a cease-fire, 385 (L); who is responsible for the continuance of the war?, 421, 913 (L): US attitude, 432 (A); a new Biafran offer, 627 (LA); Mr Stewart lies and prevaricates over mercy flights and condi- tions for talks, 703 (LA). 804 (L); the supposed American 'guarantee' on relief flights, 746 (S); the Western lbos support Biafra, 769 (L); the Conservative party shares responsibility for British policy, 815 (LA); Report from the battlefront, 863 (A); collapse of the Addis Ababa peace talks, 896 (S); 146, 372, 642 (R); see also NIGERIA Biafra: Britain's Shame, Auberon Waugh and Suzanne Cronje, 642 (R) Biafra: the Conservative responsibility, 815 (LA) Biafra: the lie direct, 703 (LA) Biafra Story, The, Frederick Forsyth, 146 (K) Biederman, Charles: exhibition, 485 (AR) Big Bob, Georges Simenon, 551 (R) Biggs, Mrs Ronald: the Sunday Mirror publishes her story, 636 (A); interviewed on TV, 674 (S)

Big Ship, The: Brunets 'Great Eastern -A Pictorial History, Patrick Beaver, 843 (R)

Birds, Beasts and Relatives, Gerald Durrell, 718 (K) Birdwood, George, The Willing Victim, 437 (A) Birth control: sterilisation?, 88, 121 (L) Black, John R.. Young Japan, 552 (R) Blackballed, 635 (A) Black Ship, The, Paul and Sheila Mandel. 48 (RI Blake, Katherine, Are You Trying to Annoy Me:. 409 (K) Blake and Tradition, Kathleen Raine, 207 (R) Blind Love, V. S. Pritchett, 336 (R) Blind Man with a Pistol, Chester Hanes, 48 (R) Blind-Sight (Ballet Rambert), 799 (AR) Bloomsbury group, the, 236 (TT), 386 (L), 512 (K) Boardman, John, Greek Art, 833 (R) Bolshoi Ballet: season at Covent Garden, 84, 117, 181 (AR) Boned wonders, 439 (M) Bonn diary, A, 197, 505, 585 (A) Booker, Christopher, The Neophiliacs, 517 (R), 572, 616, 656 (L) BOOKS Children's Book Show and children's books, 595-610 (R), 692, 729 (L); terse book-trailers, 771 (CO); children's reviews of adult books, 730 (CO); the pornographic writer's dilemma, 866 (PS) Borgias, The: The Rise and Fall of a Renaissance Dynasty, Michael Mallett, 377 (R) Bosses' truce, 264 (A) Boulez, Pierre: conducts Pellet's et Milisande. 844 (AR) Boundary Commission's report: 4 (PC), 67, 99 (LA); the Government's intention to gerrymander, 135 (A); 187 (L); no way of forcing the Government to implement it fully, 542 (A) Bound to Exile: The Victorian in India, Michael Edwardes, 796 (R) Bouwsma, William J., Venice and the Defense of Republican Liberty, 368 (R) Boxer, C. R., The Portuguese Seaborne Empire, 647 (RI Boyd, Alastair, The Road from Ronda, 718 (R) Boyle, Sir Edward: leaving politics for a university post, 541 (S), 542, 589 (PS), 616, 656, 690 (L)

Bragg, Melvyn, The Hired Man, 682 (R)

Braine, Bernard: on the Nigeria-Biafra situation, 120 (L) Brandt, Willy: to be Federal Chancellor, 505 (A); his govern- ment's chances of survival, 585 (A); see also GERMANY, WEST Bray, Dr Jeremy: resigns from Government, 436 (S) Brazil: kidnapping of the US ambassador, 323 (LA) Bread spread, 473 (CI) Bridge at Remagen, The, 245 (AR) Brion, Marcel, The Medici, 840 (R) BRITAIN the menace of over-population, 24, 89, 121, 187 (L); new national songs, 27 (CO); increasing permissiveness, 57 (L); Britain and Germany compared, 102 (P); 'the sights of the new Socialist Britain', 473 (P); the current moral malaise, 524 (L); the social role of the middle class, 709 (PS); the decline of the Empire, 796 (R); English character changed by central heating?, 896 (S) Britain's payments in perspective, 558 (F) Britain's Place in the World, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, 261 (A) Britannia rules the coastal waters, 819 (A) British in the Far East, The, George Woodcock, 680 (R) British Museum: Greek and Roman antiquities, 182 (AR) British United Provident Association, 452 (L) Brittan, Samuel: 240 (R); quoted, 431 (LA), 490 (L) Brittan, Samuel, Steering the Economy, 240 (R) Broadway, Frank, State Intervention in British Industry, 725 (F) B rame, Emily: A Critical and Biographical Study, John Newish, 796 (R)

Brooke, Gerald: released by Russia in exhange for the Kro- gers,( 134A) (A), 185 (L); the newspaper struggle for his story, 171

Brophy, Brigid, In Transit, 481 (R) Brown, Frederick, An Impersonation of Angels: A Biography of Jean Cocteau, 444 (R) Brown, George: his 'headline' quality. 328 (S) Brown, George Mackay, An Orkney Tapestry. 244 (R) Brown, John: and Queen Victoria, 82 (R) Browne. J. Ross, Etchings ,,f a Whaling Cruise, 48 (RI Brownjohn, Alan, Sandgrains on a Tray. 45 (R) Brummel, Beau, 836 (R) Brunner, John, .4 Plague on Both Your Causes, 180 (K) Bukharin's trial, 904 (RI Bukovsk). Vladimar. 645 (K) Bullet Park, John Cheever, 374 (R) Burke, Edmund: his correspondence, 238 (K) Burland, C. A., The Exotic White Man (photo. VS . I MOW'', 839 (RI Burley. W. J., Death in Willow Pattern, 515 (K) Bume-Jones, Edward. 902 (RI Burnham. Dorothy, Through Dooms of Lore, 550 (RI Burra, Edward: exhibition, 686 (AR) Businessmen as Lencrs, Rosemary 'Tonks. 136 (K) Butler. David, and Donald Stokes. Political Change in Blown, 584 (PC). 670 (P1 Butor, Michael, 83 (RI Br the Waters of Whitediapel. Bernard Kips, 243 (RI


Cabala. l he, lhoritton Vs Met-. 206 ( 1 I ) Cade. Alexander, Turn up a Stone, 340 (R) Caernavon Castle, 9 (S) Calder, Angus, The People's War, 367 (K) Califfer. Alberto Bevilacqua, 716 (K) CALLAGHAN, JAMS intending to gerrymander over redistribution of parliamen- tary seats, 4 (PC); his gerrymander Bill, 67 (LAI. 10t) (PC); how he deals with TV interviewers, 138 (A); 164 (PC); visits Northern Ireland, 292 (PC); second visit Northern Ireland, 506 (A) Camden Festival 1970, 573 (L) Camelot Arms, 203(P1 Cameron report on disturbances in Northern Ireland. 358 (Al Cammett, John. Ant tttt io Gramsei and the Origins of Italian Communism, 144 (RI Campbell, Charlie: chief press ollicer in Washington, 172(11) Campbell. Roy: Light on a Dark Horse. 241 (R); Selected Poetry, 241 (R) Canaway, W. H., A Moral Obliga 243 (RI Candidates for oblivion, 536 (PCT

Candy, Edward, Dr Amadeus. 112 (R►

Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Men). Hamm. and Find True Happiness?, 21 (AR) Cannon, Geoffrey: the new Radio s, 330 (A); on the Bob Dylan concert. 330 (A) Cannon's shot, 330 (AI Canterbury, the Archbishop of: and the canonisation of forty English martyrs, 892 (A). 893 (V) Canterbury Tales, The, 694 (CO) Canute. King. 784 (P) Capital punishment: See DEATH PENALTY

Capote, Truman, The Thanksgiving Visitor, 550 (RI

Capricious Summer, 382 (AR) Captain Nemo and the Underwater City, 876 (AR) Car care, 12 (CI) Cardinal in Exile, The. Hugh Ross Williamson, 336 (R) Carlton Terrace, 324 (P) Carriage, the history of the, 276 (RI Carry on Camping. 50 (AR) Carry on, Carrington, 100 (PC) Carswell, John, The Descent on England, 481 (RI Cary. Joyce: A Biography, Malcolm Foster, 445 (K) Casanova, John Masters, 836 (R) Case of the During Divorcee, The, Erie Stanley Gardner, 515 (RI Case of the upside-down man, The, 163 (LA) CASTLE, BARBARA 164 (PC): at the party conference. 434 (A); an 'electoral millstone', 628 (PC); 740 (PC); her 'Trade Union Benefit' Bill, 779 (LA); Part 2 of the Prices and Incomes Act to be reactivated, 860 (PC) Cat's Pajamas, The, and Witch's Milk, Peter De Vries, 80 (R) Caulfield, Patrick: exhibition. 611 (AR) Ceausescu, President, 198 (A) Cecil, Lord David, Visionary and Dreamer, 902 (RI Cell of Good Living, A: The Life, Works and Opinions of Erie Gill, Donald Attwater, 797 (R) Censorship: Arts Council working party recommends repeal of Obscene Publications Acts, 73 (S); the Royal Court Theatre bars SPECTATOR theatre critic, 611 (AR), 632 (A), 686 (R), 691 (L). 824 (A), 913 (L) Chaban-Delmas. M.: Prime Minister, 5 (A) Chadwick, Dr Henry: 39 (S); dean of Christ Church, Oxford, 712 (A) Chamberlain, Joseph: the tariff reform campaign. 114 (K) Changeling Niobid, The, Mary D. Anderson, 721 (R) Change of air. 297 (CI) Chappelow, Allan, Shaw-'The Chucker-Out', 369(K) Charbonnier, Georges, Conversations with Claude Lill- Strauss, 179 (R) Charities: Should charily be nationalised?, 891 (LA) Charles James Fox, A Man for the People, Loren Reid, 79 (R) (harks of Orleans. Prime and Port. kited McLeod. 828 (RI Che', 487 (AR) Chewer, John, Bulk( Park, 374 (RI Chesnut[. Charks W., The Marrow: of Tradition. 210 (RI Chess, 11, 51, 91, 113, 156, 189, 221, 253. 285, 317, 348, 388, 423. 455, 494. 526, 574, 618, 658. 694, 710, 771, 1107, 850, 883, 915 (('I Crass Nona liaprintlashs di. 51 (C'); fairs Chess and other stria- tions. 91 (C); The Friends of Chess, 156 (CI; correspon- dence chess. 189 (C); stsle in chess, 221 (CI; strategy and tactics, 253 (CI: Emanuel Lasker, 153. 285. 317, 348 (C): drama and farce at tournaments. 317 (Cl; a tournament at Castlebar, County Mayo, 3811 (C); the Informator. 423 (CI; the Students' Olympiad. 455 (1'); junior chess in England, 494 (C); sacrifices, 526 (CI; longlised talents, 618 (C"); the chess clock and the time f , 658 (CI; two new books on chess openings-the Benoni and the Najdorf Varia 694 (C); Vassil) Snsyslov, 73(1 (C1; Bobby Fischer. 771, 807 (C'); the Chess Olympiads, 830 (Cl; Sam Loyd problems, 883, 915 (C') hest Olympiads, Arpad Lildeals, 850 (CI Chestenon, 6. K., 26 (L) CHICHESTER-CLARK, MAJDR JAMS compared to liusak, 227 (TA). 229 (A); must he spared humiliation, 259 (LA); 507 (A ); forced to defend his re- forming policies. 538 (Al; his position • pared with Terence O'Neill's, 538 (Al CHILDREN

Bristol tits C and tooth-brushing, 588 (S); the Children's Book, Show, 595. 610 (A), 692, 729 (1); children's books, 597-609 (RI; a child's re. iew of an adult book, 730 (CO)

Children's Book Show, 595, 610 (Al. 692, 729 (L) Children's Day (Mermaid,. 3112 (AR) China. 308, 445, 680, 835 (R I CHINA, COMMON'S! and Nepal, 71 (A); the border dispute with Russia, 229 (A): twenty years of relations between Russia and Com- munist China, 468 (A); release of British journalist, 373 (Al); relations with Russia, 729 (R I China Helpers, The, Jonathan Spence. 680 (RI Chinese Civilisation: An Introdm tion, Werner Lick! 308 (RI Chinese Masters of the Seventeenth Century, Victoria Contag, 835 (RI Christian Centuries Vol II, The. The Middle Ages, David Knowles and Dimitri Obolensky, 515 (K) CHRISTIANITY AND THE CHURCH had effects of compulsory churchgoing. 25. 120 (I); Anglican and Methodist churches vote on union, 73 (S), 74 (PS); the Church's social relevance, MI, 120 (L); God described in space travel terms, 90 (AF); a clergyman's language. 120 (LI; monasticism. 371 (RI; the Church gives no lead in today's moral wilderness, 451. 525, 572 (L); 'old-time religion' in the US. 474 (IT); original sin, 509 (PS), 617, 657, 769 (L); church history, 515 (R); The Question Why (TV) and religious 'propaganda, 537 (V), 617, 656 (L); projected canonisation of forty English martyrs liable to prejudice ecumenism?. 892 (A), 893 (VI; the modern 'three foolish men', 914 (All CHRISTMAS

charity Christmas cards, 474 (CI); 657 (Air); the h.

of Christmas cards. 849 (L); a Christmas masque-with politicians as actors, 860 (PC); the supplanting of private charity. 891 (LA); central heating instead 01 Yule logs, 896 (5); Christmas 1675 aboard a man-of-war, 896 (S)! some suggestions for Christmas stories and articles, 897

(S); a Christmas quiz. 898, 915; a report on Father Christ-

mases, 914 (CO) Christmas goose, 657 (All Christmas Tree, The, Michel Bataille, 793 (RI Christopher, Milbourne, Houdin!: The Untold Story, 874 (K) Chuck it, Stewart, 35 (LA) Church, Richard, Little Miss Moffatt. 409 (R) Churches: Orthodox churches in south-east Europe, 758 (K) Churchill, Sir Winston, 306 (R) Cigarettes: the US anti-cigarette campaign, 396 (A) Cinderella-Italian Style, 149 (AK) City That Shone, The, Vivian de Sola Pinto. 211 (10 City without Walls, W. H. Auden, 827 (RI Civilisation: A Personal View, Kenneth Clark, 840 (RI Clairmont, Claire: journals, 17 (R) Clancy, My Friend, My Friend, Patrick Ryan, 336 (R) Clark, Kenneth: 525 (API; Civilisation: A Personal View, 840 (R); The Drawings Leonardo du Vinci In the Collec- tion of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle, 840 (R); Piero della Francesca, 840 (R) Claude: exhibition, 764 (AR) Clavel. Bernard, The Spaniard, 793 (RI Clean Straw for Nothing, George Johnston, 374 (K) Clear verdict, 358 (A) Cleaver, Eldridge. Post-prison Writings and .Speeches (ed.

Robert Scheer), 338 (RI Ckmenra dl Tito, La (Sadler's Wells), 553 (AR) Clifford, Clark, 6, 38 (A) Climbing the Stairs, Margaret Powell, 211 (R) Clouds and the Rain, The, (ed.) Michel Beurdeley, 835 (R) Clough, Arthur Hugh, 681 (RI. 729, 769, 805 (L)


Entries in this index arc arranged in alphabetical order, i.c. no attention is paid to spaces No. Dale between words. Thus the entry 'de Polnay' will be found after 'Denmark' and before 'Dere- lict'. Abbreviations are indexed as written (i.e. 'Mr' as in 'Mr Nixon in danger' follows all 'Mo'-entries and comes before all 'Mu'-entries) with two exceptions: 'St' is indexed as if spelt out in full as `Saint', and the various forms of 'Mac' are all indexed as if in fact spelt 'Mac'. Words in italics are titles-either of articles in the SPECTATOR or of books, magazines, and newspapers or of plays, films, operas, etc., reviewed or mentioned.

All leading articles and 'middle' articles are indexed by title, as are all books (under author and title), plays, films, operas, etc., which arc either specifically reviewed or given extended notice. In addition, every article is indexed under the subjects it deals with, usually with a brief indication of its main contents. In order to save space and to group together references on similar subjects, a number of general headings are used, as well as the names of individual countries and organisations. Among the more important of these headings arc:

Names and references which there is no room to index separately can usually be traced from entries under one of the many general headings.


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99 It 19

Cobban, Alfred, (ed.) The Eighteenth Century: 7 he .age ad Enlightenment, 836 (R)

Cockerell, S. C.. (intro.) Old Testament Miniatures: A

Mediaeval Picture Book. 834 (R) Cockleburr, Robert Crawford, 515 (R) Cocteau. Jean, 444 (R) Coffin for Christmas, A, 897 (PS) Cohn, Nik, Pop from the Beginning, 276 (R) Cold collation, 42 (A) Coleridge. S. T., The Friend (ed. Barbara E. Rooke), 552 (R) Coleridge and the Pantheist Tradition, Thomas McFarland, 552 (R) Collected Plays of John Whiting, The, (ed.) Ronald Hayman, 650 (R) Colour and Citizenship, E. J. B. Rose and others, 72 (A).

186 (L) Colour in Turner: Poetry and Truth, John Gage, 904 (R)


no final solution to Britain's race relations problem, 72 (A); Dr Jensen's findings on racial differences in intelli- gence, 166 (A), 218. 249 (L); non-discrimination requires the same state apparatus as discrimination, 186 (L); the Port of Spain Country Club 'racism' case, 294 (A); Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panthers, 338 (R); Father Trevor Huddleston and 'fresh blood' for a 'tired old country', 505 (V); anti-apartheid demonstrations against the Springboks, 674, 708 (S), 880 (L); 839 (R) Columbia University, 244 (R) Colvin. Ian, The Rise and Fall of Maize Tshombe, 485 (R) Conte back, LBJ, 70 (A) Coming War Between Russia and China, The, Harrison E. Salisbury, 720 (R) Comment and contempt. 40 (A) Common Problem, The, Angus Maude. 110 (R) Common sense about UK debts, 86 (F) Communication, modern means of, deplored, 104 (PS)


a distressed Communist, 89 (L); Antonio Gramsci and the foundation of the Italian Communist party, 144 (R); Anatoly Kuznetsov's defection a sign of internal restless- ness, 163 (LA); Czechoslovakia a year after the Russian invasion. 199 (A); the Sino-Soviet border dispute, 229 (A); death of Ho Chi Minh, 325 (A); the history of relations between Russia and Communist China, 468 (A), 720 (R); see also individual countries Companion Guide to Southern Italy, The, Peter Gunn, 718 (R)


Abbey Life, 689; Allied Breweries, 119; Associated British Foods, 119, 767; Barclays Bank, 383; Bowater. 119, 217, 281, 767; J. Bibby, 119; British and Commonwealth Ship- ping, 119, 767; British Petroleum, 119, 385, 489, 767; John Brown, 184; Burmah Oil, 119, 490, 767; Clarkson (Engi- neers), 119, 184, 767; Electric and Musical Industries, 119; B. Elliott, 184; Empire Stores, 119, 767; Eva Industries. 184; Forte's Holdings, 119, 281, 767; General Accident. 523, 655, 767; gilt-edged, 53; Guest Keen, 217; Guinness Mahon, 420; Handley Page, 217; Alfred Herbert, 184; Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation, 689; Jamaica Public Services, 119; Jones and Shipman, 184; Kaiser Steel, 119, 767; Lonrho, 87, 119, 281; J. Lyons, 119, 152, 767; Mercury Securities, 420; Montagu Trust. 420; Phoenix Assurance, 119, 767; Pillar Holdings, 119, 767; Rio Tinto-Zinc, 119; Savings 3 per cent 1965-75, 87, 767; Schroders, 420; Ernest Scragg, 119, 655; Sheffield Twist. 184; Shell, 217; Singer and Friendlander, 420; Spear and Jackson, 184; Staveley Industries, 184; Vosper, 119; Witan, 119; Wolf Electric, 184 (F) Competition. 27, 59, 90, 122, 155, 188, 220. 252, 284, 317, 347, 387, 423, 454, 494, 526, 574, 618, 658, 694, 730, 771, 806, 851, 882, 914 (CO) 'Cowie°, Imbiber, The, (ed.) Cyril Ray, 546 (CI) Complete Poems of Walter de la Mare, The, (ed.) Richard and Gales de la Mare, 872 (R) Complexes and syndromes, 347 (CO) Comprehensive schools: 583 (LA). 587 (A); academic criteria of a good comprehensive, 587 (A), 656, 691, 727, 804, 881 (L); 633 (S); 875 (R) Comprehensive School, The, Robin Pedley, 875 (R) Compton-Burnett, Ivy: death, 304 (A); pronunciation of her name, 386 (L) Computers: and international politics, 276 (R) Comrade Jacob (Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton), 800 (AR) Concorde, the: its sonic boom, 295 (S), 492 (L); Boeing's SST rival to Concorde. 436 (S), 893 (A)

Conduct Unbecoming (Queen's), 85 (AR) Confessions of Aleister Crowley, The, (ed.) John Symonds and

Kenneth Grant, 648 (R) Confrontations, 171 (A)

;Congo, Republic of the: newspapermen rescued by UN

Tunisian troops, 629 (V) Congress sunset, 102 (A) Conquistadors, The, Hammond limes. 334 (R)


a Times questionnaire to Conservative candidates. 42 (A); an appeal to the party to re-think its position, 110 (R); Young Conservatives views on Northern Ireland and Biafra. 196 (PC); malaise among the Young Conservatives, 196 (PC); Conservative candidates for Labour seats analy- sed, 228 (PC). 282 (L); economic policies of 1962-4, 240 (R), 282 (L); Sir Alec Douglas-Home's pamphlet Britain's Place in the World, 261 IA); Harold Macmillan's autobio- graphy. 306 (RI: Lord Davidson's memoirs. 335 (RI; the resolutions for this year's conference. 399 (S); wording for lapel badges. 423 (CO); would 'the pilot' return?, 452 (L); can the party give a lead to the country?, 464 (LA); SPECTATOR poll on annual conference: announcement, 467, results, 507 (A); Who votes Tory-and why?, 469 (A); Sir Anthony Meyer launches Solon, 470 (S); the Brighton conference, 504 (PC); Quintin Hogg's speech on Ulster, 504 (PC); Sir Edward Boyle leaving politics, 541 (S), 542, 589 (PS), 616, 690, 691 (L); the secret of the party's class- less appeal, 542, 589 (PS), 616, 690, 726. 768 (L); Surbiton Conservative Association attempts to oust their MP, Nigel Fisher, 584 (PC), 633 (5); Conservatives' principal aim is power, 585 (V); changes in the party's agricultural policy, 739 (LA). 848 (L); attitude to immigration in the 1950s, 656. 690 (L); lain Macleod's tax proposals, 688 (F); the party shares the responsibility for the Biafra situation, 815 (LA): approach to the eighteen-year-old voters, 816 (PC); the activities of Conservative students, 912 (L)

Constant Prince, The (Polish Laboratory Theatre), 448 (AR) Constitution, the: the gerrymander Bill underlines the need for a written constitution, 67 (LA), 120 (L); not too late to withdraw the gerrymander Bill. 99 (LA)


trading-in a car. 12 (CI); manufacturers 'guarantees' in small print. 403 (CI); the working of the Trade Descriptions Act. 748 (CI); Consumer Reports (US) and a send-up by Mad magazine, 823 (CI)

Consumers and the Economy, Frank Knox, 332 (CI) C'onsunting Interest, 12, 75, 140, 205, 297. 331. 403, 473, 544, 675, 748, 823 (CI) Contag, Victoria, Chinese Masters of the Seventeenth Century, 835 (R)

C outman: Salmon report on the law of contempt, 40 (A) Contrasts, A. W. N. Pugin, 678 (R) Conversations with Claude Lid-Strauss, Georges Charbonnier, 179 (R) Cookson, Catherine, Our Kate, 18 (R) Copeland, Miles, The Game of Nations, 276 (RI. 345, 421, 453 (L) Cordell, Alexander, Song of the Earth, 243 (R) Corley, Edwin, Siege. 721 (R) Correspondence of Edmund Burke, 7he: volume 8, (ed.) R. B.

McDowell, 238 (R) Cost of Living Like This, The, James Kennaway. 336 (R) Counterfeit Nazi: The Ambiguity of Good, Saul Friedlander, 305 (R) Country club affair, The, 294 (A)


the menace from Britain's increasing population, 24 (L); the countryside viwed from a motorway, 25 (L); Irish rain- bows, 265 (5); sheep-gathering and reaping in Ireland, 265 (S); living conditions and shopping facilities in country and town compared, 297 (CI); gathering apples, 362 (S); potato- picking, 588 (S); the disappearing hedgerows, 746 (5); 81 (R) Country Wife, The (Chichester), 85 (AR) Country without a conscience?, A, 3 (LA) Coward, Noel: a biography, 640 (R), 692, 727 (LI Craig, David, Message Ends, 48 (R) Craig, William, 538 (A) Crankshaw, Edward, Maria Theresa, 754 (RI Crawford, Robert, Cockleburr, 515 (R) Crete, Minoan, 375 (R), 452 (L) Cricket: 'Patsy' Hendren, 373 (R); 590 (P); MCC to go ahead with the tour by the South Africans, 880 (L) Crime: society guilty and not the criminal?, 329 (PS). 385 (L), 509 (PS), 524 (L) Crime by chance, 139 (A) Croft-Cooke, Rupert, Wolf from the Door, 243 (R) Cronje, Suzanne, and Auberon Waugh, Biafra: Britain's Shame, 642 (R) Crosland, Anthony: on mergers, 183, 217 (D); becomes Secretary of State for Local Government and Regional Planning, 464 (PC); now minister responsible for the 'quality of environment', 628 (PC), 710 (A)


telling the truth in politics, 25 (L); on National Health pay- ments, 139 (M); pension proposals, 583 (LA); his White Paper on National Superannuation and Social Insurance, 654 (F); attacks private medical schemes, 780 (PC) Crowhurst, Donald: story of circumnavigation of the globe false, 138 (A) Crowley, Aleister: his Confessions, 648 (R) Crozier, Brian, The Masters of Power, 513 (R), 572, 692 (L) Crucible of Christianity, The, (ed.) Arnold Toynbee, 834 (R) Cruel sea, The, 138 (A) Cry of the People for Meat, The (Bread and Puppet Theatre at the Royal Court), 20 (AR) Cuba: conditions in Cuba, 326 (A) Cullen, Tom, The Empress Brown: The Story of a Royal Friendship, 82 (R) Curb on public spending, The, 846 (F) Curzon, Lord, 148, 639 (R) Curzon in India, Volume I: Achievement, David Dilks, 148 (R) Cutforth, Rene, Order to View, 874 (R) Cut price fees, 169 (A) Cyclamates: banned as additives to foodstuffs, 590 (M), 692 (L)


163 (LA); a report a year after the Russian invasion, 199 (A); Communist party's central committee purged, 433 (A); the atmosphere of suspicion, 433 (A); Mr Dubcek turns down a 'responsible post', 470 (S); life in Prague, 782 (A); the political outlook, 782 (A); 335, 408 (R)


Daily Mail: its National Opinion Polls on politics, 543 (A) Daily Mirror: attack on the Rev Ian Paisley, 297 (A); a unit trust service for readers of the Mirrors, 450 (F) Daily Sketch: its new editor, 473 (A) Daily Telegraph: journalists press for more pay, 1 I (A); its Gallup polls on politics, 543 (A) Dali, Salvador, 310 (AR) Dames at Sea (Duchess), 312 (AR) Damnation of Faust, The (Coliseum), 245 (AR) Damn your principles!, 585 (V) Dunce of Death, The, 149 (AR) Dancers Inherit the Party, The, Ian Hamilton Finlay, 154, 283, 346, 453 (L) Danger in our midst, The, 26 (AF) Dark and obnubilated affairs, 105 (A) Dark as the Grave Wherein My Friend Is Laid, Malcolm Lowry (ed. Douglas Day and Margerie Lowry), 177 (R) Darwin and the Beagle, Alan Moorehead, 407 (R) Davidson, J. C. C. (Lord): memoirs, 335 (R) Davies, Peter Maxwell: 116 (AR); his Worldes Blis, 311 (AR); his Vesalii !cones, 877 (AR) Davis, Nuel Pharr, Lawrence and Oppenheimer, 144 (R) DEA (Department of Economic Affairs): a report on house- wives' weekly expenditures, 865 (S) Dead Sea Scrolls 1947-1969, The, Edmund Wilson, 832 (R) Dealing with the foreigner, 172 (TT) Death: medicated survival deplored, 363 (PS), 420, 452 (L) Death Cracks a Bottle, Kenneth Giles, 180 (R) Death in Willow Pattern, W. J. Burley, 515 (R) Death of a public eye, 332 (IT) Death of the Past, The, J. H. Plumb, 826 (R)


will the Government abolish the death penalty?, 668 (PC); possibility of a miscarriage of justice increased by its suspen- sion. 711 (A); Commons vote to abolish hanging. 859 (LA), 893 (V); why not public executions on TV?, 865 (S) Ue Cavalcante, Samuel: a Mafia boss, 6 (A) Decimal coinage: date. 820 (S); introduction of decimal coinage and weights and measures not generally favoured, 541 (S); the seven-sided 50p piece's unpopularity, 617 (L). 633 (S) Decorative Twenties, 77w. Martin Battersby, 844 (R) Defeat of Germany, The (Vol 11 of Victory in the West), Major L. F. Ellis and Lt.-Col. A. E. Warhurst, 478 (R) Defence: the strategic arms limitation talks (SALT) between the US and Russia, 743 (A); Britain's lack of naval strength, 819 (A) Defregger, Dr Matthias: his 'war guilt' .465 (V), 572 (L) de la Mare, Richard and Giles, (ed.) The Complete Poems of Walter de la Mare, 872 (R.) de la Mare. Walter: complete poems, 872 (R) Demon shuffler strikes again, 464 (PC) Demonstration in Pushkin Square, The, Pavel Litvinov, 645 (R) Demonstrations, marches etc.: the 'Moratorium' against the Vietnam war, 537 (A), 546 (TT); anti-apartheid demonstra- tions against the Springboks, 674, 708 (S), 880 (L); an oblique reference to the anti-apartheid demonstrations, 693 (AF) Denmark: declining sales of pornography, 106 (A); effect of repealing obscenity laws, 630 (P) de Polnay, Peter, The Patriots, 112 (R) Derelict Britain, John Burr, 136 (S) Descent on England, The, John Carswell, 481 (R) Description of Moscow and Muscovy, Sigmund von Herber- stein, 525 (R) Design: need to design with the disabled in mind, 205 (CI) Despatch of a Dove, Rhona Petrie, 180 (R) Devaluation, the timing of, 233 (S) Devlin, Bernadette, The Price of My Soul, 797 (R) Devlin, Bernadette, 235 (A), 797 (R) De Vries, Peter, The Cat's Pajamas and Witch's Milk, 80 (R) Dickens, Charles, Letters: Vol II (ed. Madeline House and Graham Storey), 750 (R) Dickson, Lovat, H. G. Wells: His Turbulent Life and Times, 907 (R) Difficulties of a statesman, 6 (A) Dilks, David, Curzon in India, Volume is Achievement, 148 (R) Dine, Jim, Welcome Home Lovebirds, 177 (R) Diplomacy: kidnapping of the US ambassador in Brazil, 323 (LA); the Duncan report, 101 (A), 108, 172 (1T) Diplomat in Japan, A, Sir Ernest Satow, 78 (R) Dirty work at every crossroads, 817 (V) Disabled, the: their special design requirements, 205 (CI) Disc dilema, 331 (MI Discoverers of Space: A Pictorial Narration, Erich Leasing, 843 (R) Discs, lumbar, 331 (M) Disputatious dominies, 132 (PC) D'Israeli, Isaac, James Ogden, 46 (R) Doctors: handling the press, 12 (A); how to persuade the medical profession to let the dying die?, 363 (PS), 420, 452 (L) Dodd, Senator, 332 (TT) Dogfight, 788 (A) Don Giovanni (Glyndcbourne), 51 (AR) Don Giovanni (Proms), 215 (AR) Don't Look Back, 214 (AR) Doolittle, Alfred: on strikes, 618 (CO) Door into the Dark, Seamus Heaney, 45 (R) dos Passos, John, The Portugal Story, 334 (R) Double Dealer, The (Royal Court), 149 (AR) Doubletalk, 139 (M) Douglas, David C., The Norman Achievement, 756 (R) Douglas-Home, Sir Alec, Britain's Place in the World, 261 (A) Do we need an SEC?, 566 (F) Dracula (TSE company at the Artist's Place), 765 (AR) Drag Hunt, James Broome Lynne, 481 (R) Dr Amadeus, Edward Candy, 112 (R) Draper, Ken: exhibition, 522 (AR) Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle, The, Kenneth Clark (rev.

Carlo Pedretti), 840 (R) Dreiser, Theodore, Jennie Gerhardt, The Financier and The Titan, 210 (R) Driver, C. J., Elegy for Revolutionary, 307 (11) Drug-taking by young people, 437 (PS) Drummond, Ivor, The Man with the Tiny Head. 340 (R) Drums Along the Khyber, Duncan MacNeil, 340 (R) Dry Mass, Joseph Martindale, 307 (R) Dubcek, Alexander, 470 (S) Dubsky, Mario: exhibition, 522 (AR) Duet for Cannibals, 800 (AR) Duffy, Maureen, Wounds, 18 (R) Dufy, Raoul, 310 (AR) Duhamel, Jean, The Fifty Days: Napoleon in England, 759 (R) Duke and the Emperor, The, 366 (TT) Duncan report on the diplomatic service, 101 (A), 108, 172 (TT) Durrell, Gerald, Birds, Beasts and Relatives, 718 (R) Dustbin economy, The, 586 (A) Dustmen: their strike, 510 (S), 525 (AF); why not competitive or contract refuse collection?, 586 (A)


East-Wes' RELATIONS Russo-American strategic arms limitation talks possible, 7 (A); President Nixon's visit to Rumania, 133, 198 (A); Gerald Brooke released in exchange for the Krogers, 134, 171 (A), 185 (L); Anatoly Kuznetsov granted asylum in Britain, 163 (LA), 171 (A), 266 (PS); anti-Stalinist books dropped in East Germany by balloon, 510 (S); West Germany's Ostpolitik, 585 (A); the strategic arms limitation talks (SALT), 743 (A); the West's best policy towards Russia and China, 768 (L) Easy Rider, 341 (AR) Eberhart. M. G., Message from Hong Kong, 515 (R)


the Letter of Intent 'a lot of baloney', 22 (F); Britain's debts, 86 (F); the June trade figures, 87 (F); the Conserva- tive policies of 1962-4, 240 (R), 282 (L); upward trend in exports, 280 (F); a pessimistic bulletin from the NIESR, 343 (F); the Labour party's 'Agenda for a Generation', 450 (F); a winter of strikes and bankruptcies ahead. 535 (LA); trade figures good, 560 (P); Britain the gainer from the US inflation and European competitors' domestic discontents, 562 (F); the dangers of squeezing company profits too far, 766 (F); the N1ESR's pre-budget forecasts from 1959 to 1967 examined, 801 (F); the NIESR's current review of the economy, 801 (F); a dose of reflation needed ?, 801 (F); Part 2 of the Prices and Incomes Act to be re- activated. 860 (PC); Harold Lever on state intervention, 879 (F); 377 (R); see also EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY and FINANCIAL

Economic History of the USSR, An, Alec Nove, 15 (R) Edel, Leon, Henry James: The Treacherous Years, 592 (R) Edinburgh, Duke of: speaks on TV about royal finances, 667 (LA), 674 (S). 729 (L) Edinburgh Festival: theatre, 311 (AR); Malcolm Muggeridge on the Festival, 327 (A); music and opera, 341 (AR)


high wastage rate of women teachers, 8 (A); anticipated surplus of teachers an opportunity to raise standards, 8 (A): low standards due to the cult of self-expression, 10 (PS), 153 (L); 'pupil power', 72 (P); teachers in Scotland dis- missed for refusing to register, 132 (PC), 218 (L); the Palace of Crystal, 234 (PS); sixth-form problems, 359 (A); a scheme to educate gypsy children, 386 (L); the dottiness of 'progressivism', 438 (A); 440 (P); a second 'Black Paper' published. 470 (S); pass mark in GCE examinations adjusted up or down as necessary, 470 (S); proposed comprehensivisation Bill, 583 (LA), 587 (A); academic criteria of a good comprehensive school, 587 (A), 656, 691, 727, 804, 881 (L); the schools Professor A. J. Ayer's children attend, 690, 726, 768, 913 (L); the difficulties of the non-professional in education, 691 (L); the teachers to strike, 708 (S); progressive schools, 875 (R); schoolboys of fiction comment on teachers' strikes, 882 (CO); see also


Edward II (Assembly Hall, Edinburgh), 311 (AR) Edward ii (Mermaid), 488 (AR)

Edwardes, Michael, Bound to Exile: The Victorians in India.

796 (R) Eggs: to stop cracks when boiling, 250, 315, 345 (L) Egypt: recent events interpreted, 398 (A) Ehrman, John, The Younger Pitt, 644 (R) Eichhorn, Werner, Chinese Civilisation: An Introduction. 308 (R) Eighteenth Century, The: The .4ge of Enlightenment, (ed.) Alfred Cobban, 836 (R) Eisenhower, President: and Vietnam, 741 (VI, 804, 848 (L) Elder Edda, The, (trans.) Paul B. Taylor and W. II. Auden, 827 (R) Election battle lines emerge, The, 583 (LA) Election diary, 293 (A)


the Boundary Commissioners' report, 4 (PC ), 67. 99 (LA). 135 (A); postwar general election results examined for party 'bias', 135 (A); some voting anomalies, 185 (L); TV and general elections, 330 (A); the sure-to-be-defeated candidate, 362 (S); the next general election, 431 (LA); Who votes Tory--and why?, 469 (A); advice to a young man on voting, 471 (PS); the Paddington North, Islington North and Swindon by-elections, 536 (PC); juggling with election dates. 588 (S); alleged corrupt vote in selecting Islington North Labour candidate, 633 (S); percentage swings against Labour in recent by-elections, 820 (S); for West German election see GERMANY, WEST and for New York mayoral election see NEW YORK

Electronic music, 50 (AR) Elegy for a Revolutionary, C. J. Driver, 307 (Ft)

Ellis, Major L. F., and Lt.-Col. A. E. Warhurst, lirtory in the West Vol II: The Defeat of Germany, 478 (R)

Elton, G. R., England 1200-1640, 410 (R) Elucidating Enoch, 704 (PC) Empress Brown, The: The Story of a Royal Friendship, Toni Cullen, 82 (R) End of Atlantis, The: New Light on an Old Legend, J. V. Luce. 375 (R) End of the Affair, The, 522 (F) End to globalism, 293 (A) England 1200-1640, G. R. Elton, 410 (R) England explode, 770 (AF) English, David: to be editor of the Daily Sketch, 473 (A) English Icon, The, Roy Strong, 799 (AR)


'Their's not to reason why', 39 (S), 89 (L); the rape of the English language, 202 (S); English made difficult, 202 (S); hippy, and other, jargon, 252 (CO); 'left' and 'right' as political terms, 470 (S); fashion in words, 470 (5); the longest sentence in English literature, 493, 525 (L); U usage, 714 (R), 768, 803, 880 (L); meaning of 'assurance', 849 (L) English Literature in Our Time and the University, F. R. Leavis, 762 (R) English Progressive Schools, Robert Skidelsky, 875 (K) Enid Bagnold's Autobiography, Enid Bagnold, 751 (R) Enquiry, Dick Francis, 721 (R) Entertaining Mr Kuznetsov, 266 (PS)


derelict land, 136 (S); damage from roadworks and traffic, 170 (A); the cost and effects on amenity of implementing the GLC's road plans, 435 (A), 524 ,657 (L); Mr Crosland now minister responsible for the 'quality of enviroment', 628 (PC). 710 (A); its wholesale pollution, 710 (A); lack of coordination between the authorities which control our environment, 727 (L) Equilibrium, Tonino Guerra, 682 (R.) Ermyntrude and Esmeralda, Lytton Strachey (intro. Michael Holroyd), 370 (R) Essay on Liberation, An, Herbert Marcuse, 174 (R) Essays in the Theory and Practice of Pricing, 586 (A) Essex, University of: students barricade a Senate meeting, 669 (V); the university's problem, 817 (V) Etchings of a Whaling Cruise, J. Ross Browne, 48 (R) Etiquette, Emily Post, 639 (R) Etruscans and the Survival of Etruria, The, Christopher !lamp- ton, 147 (R), 187 (L) Europe in the Dark Ages, Jean Hubert, Jean Purcher and W. F. Volbach, 272 (R)


Britain's application still on the table, 36 (PC); high cost of foodstuffs, 36 (PC); M Pompidou's plans for the EEC, 71 (A); caution of British leaders over possible British membership, 131 (LA); the common agricultural policy and its problems, 195 (LA), 357 (A); a reason for wanting Britain in, 233 (S); radical changes now essential, 357 (A); the pros and cons for Britain of negotiations now, 465 (A); the break-up of the common agricultural system may be a necessary prelude to the EEC's rejuvenation, 465 (A); disagreement between West Germany and the Five over farmers' compensation, 586 (A); summit meeting postponed till December. 672 (A); breakdown of the common agri- cultural policy averted, 672 (A); more favourable French attitude to Britain. 672 (A); a suggested agricultural policy for an enlarged EEC, 739 (LA); present French attitude to Britain, 741 (A); conditions under which Britain could apply, 742 (A); a start towards political cooperation bet- ween the Six and Britain suggested, 742 (A); The Hague meeting of the Six, 781 (A); negotiations for entry of Britain agreed to, 781 (A); the effects of the common agri- cultural policy, 817 (A); 881 (L) Euthanasia, 420 (L) Evans, Peter, and David Bailey, Goodbye Baby and Amen, 844 (R) Evil communications, 104 (PS) Evil in a Mask, Dennis Wheatley, 340 (R) Exchange control, 139 (A) Exegi monumentum, 76 ('IT) Exits and entrances, 433 (A) Exotic White Man, The, C. A. Burland (photo. W. Furman). 839 (R) Experiment at Berkeley. Joseph Tussman, 15 (R) Eye of the Cat, 245 (AR)


Fable for the times, a, 234 (PS) Facts and fictions, 204 (A) Fade out?, 11 (A) Faithfuli, Marianne, 75 (A) Fallen idol, 235 (A) Fallen Women, Martin Seymour-Smith, 757 (R) Far East, the British in the, 680 (R) Farman, Hugh, A Regency Elopement, 681 (R) Farmer, Assistant Secretary James, 165 (A)

Farming: see AGRICULTURE

Farrer, David, G— For God Almighty, 82 (12)


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schools, 328 (51, 356 (11; struggle with 'the Ss ndicate' Tor

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Fast: now u Linking industrial state. 197 (A I.

West Germans drop anti-Stalinist books by ball , 510 (S)


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AS (g)

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Frideswide, 712 (A); the proposed new course in Humane Sciences, 787 (A); the 'Tower built in the Parks, 787 (A); who is Mercurius Oxonicnsis?, 849 (L)


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Public opinion polls: see OPINION POLLS

Public schools: Mrs Gandhi on, 328 (S), 386 (L) Poem. A \\ : l ,narao,, 678 (K); 1h,• I rue Principles ,a Pointed nristian in ,hite,lure, 678 (R); the Present

State or irhilecture. 678 (RI; 49 4Polom)

for the Revival of Christian it, hoe, we, 678 (RI Pupil 1,...,7, 72 (PI Pursuit of happiness. lhe. 231 (A)

Put out mare flags, 198 (Al Putz, Helmut. /be Attrentures at tuns/ Comrade 682 (K)


Q. and .4.. 138 tA Quatitify or perish. 745 (A) Queen Lle.tandra„ (ieorgina Battiscombc. 550 (RI Queen Elizabeth II: Richard Willson's caricature. 665. 768.

$49 (L); the Queen's finances and the t roil List. 1,157 (LA).

674 (SI, 729 (1.)

*Queens the: crossings on the 'Queens' and other liners compared, 404 (111, class disisions on hoard linos, 404

(TI) Queen's speech, the, 583 ILA) Queen 11, :aria. Ls ton Strachey, 370 (R I Question oI hoalty. .1, 68 (PC) Quiz, a Christmas: questions. 898; alisssers, 915

Quoyk I IONS

a suggested source. 25 (L); attributions oirrected. 26. 145

(11; a Tennyson quotation. 39 (5). $9 (L); Ii,,,.

103 (S): Bartlett's I',aniliar Quoiat ,,,,, s. 269 Oil; 'MI merits' to memorable phrases, 284 1C01: an Liming Stan- dard headline, 588 (SI; a pair from Messrs Wilson and Heath, 820 (5)


Rabelais (Old Vic), 4421(AR) Rabies, 674 (MI

Race relations: see COLOUR PRORLI

RADIO the BBC's plans for change, 73 (S); licence fix to he shed, 235 (A); the twenty-four-hour strike by the ABS. 510 (Al: memories of Lord Tennyson, 510 (5); the pseudo- excited style of news presentation. 633 (5) Radio Times: its new appearance. 330 IA); a 'shocking' cover, 399 (S); its summary of 1k,' ( anterbury 694 (CO) Railway Accident, The, Edward Upward, Ill (RI


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Rotten Elements. Ike, 1dssaid t •pssaid. III (RI

RtItHILIIIIA: President Nison's mt. 111. 198 (Al

Round Trip from Poionn. Albeit I at. 7I8 (R1 Row at the 'Telegraph', 1hr. 11

Royal C01111 theatre: bars the SPI I' I A loles t11.1111AIII: of l (ARL 632 (Al, 686 tAlti. 691 (1.1, 824 (Al. 911 (1)

Moroi Ham of the Son. The, 4$7 (AR1 Ruglxy : anti-apartheid de lllll iistrations against the Sot nighokx 674, 708 t AL 880 I

Russell, John. (intro.) Ben NL Inds, m • Ma', logs, Malni1/1,; dthi ifrilef■ -Pt68, 904 (141 RUSSIA strategic arms limitation talks ssith the US likely. 7 I Ai its economic history, IS (K I, not interested in a doctor 133 (A); releases Gerald )(woke in exchange for th, Knitters, 114, 171 (Al. 185 (1 y. ssiiter An.11.4. IStuneiso, granted as) lum in Britain. 161 ( I AI. 171 1Al. 266 (Ps).

the border dispute with C sI China. 229 (A). Sosiet prisons, 232 (Al, 315. 345 (LI; the Russians Iola).

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dismissed for refusing i0 register, 1.12 (PC), 2111 IL); the

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Sta(tues: in a variety of cities, 76 (TT)

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to close down at end of year, 107 (A); Robert Maxwell to take over and start a new paper, 107 (A); 134 (P); tributes on its demise, 220 (CO); proposals for its future from the Free Communications Group, 267 (A), 344 (L); Albert Lamb likely to be new editor, 364 (A); Rupert Murdoch bids for the Sun, 438 (A); Mr Murdoch's new Sun, 710 (A) Sun and Moon, 134 (P) Sunday Mirror: one Sunday's piffling contents, 75 (A); publishes the Mrs Biggs story, 636 (A) Sunday sag, 75 (A) Sunday Times: reveals that Donald Crowhurst's circumnavi- gation claim is false, 138 (A) Sun on the Water, The, Roger Longrigg, 481 (R) Superior Person, Kenneth Rose, 639 (R) Super-ministry of industry?, A, 568 (F) Surbiton Conservative Association: try to oust their MP, 584 (PC), 633 (S) Surbiton shows the way, 584 (PC) Surrender of Japan, The (Vol V of The War Against Japan), Major-General S. Woodburn Kirby and others, 478 (R) Surrey, University of: its buildings, 687 (AR), 729 (L) Sutton, Henry, The Voyeur, 340 (R) Svevo, Halo, Further Confessions of Zeno, 176 (R) Swaan, Wim, The Gothic Cathedral, 834 (R) Swan Lake (Bolshoi Ballet), 84 (AR) Swann committee on antibiotics in animal husbandry, 822 (M) Sweet and sour, 590 (M) Swindon by-election, 536 (PC) Swing away from LBJ, 669 (A) Swinging together, 509 (PS) Symonds, John, and Kenneth Grant, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, 648 (R)


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Theatre bars SPECTATOR'S theatre critic, 611 (AR), 632 (A),

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'Tons', THE

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True Principles of Pointed or Christian Arcliim MR% The,

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('hash e tit from I lemon 629 IA)

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WIISON. liaatico

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Thomas Jones (ed.