27 FEBRUARY 1847, Page 15

At a meeting of the Paris Academy of Sciences, on

the 8th instant, 31. Mg- jendie repeated his warning as to the necessity of great caution in administering the fumes of ether. A variety of experiments were detailed by MM. Flower., Serres, and Gruby, on the application of the fumes and also of ether itself to the nervous systems of dogs, rabbits, mice, and frogs. In one case, the spinal marrow of a dog, after being exposed, was "picked, cut, and torn," without showing inany evidence of sensation. Frogs wounded just before the experiment resisted the effect of the application longer than those that were uninjured. A frog deprived of its bruin, and exposed to the vapour of ether, retains its sensibility and-powers of contraction much longer than one which has not been wounded. Grown-up dogs were deprived of sensation in eight minutes, and died if the action of the ether was kept up for forty-five minutes. They recovered if exposed to the ether when the experiment had not been prolonged for more than from forty to forty- four minutes. Young dogs apparently dead were revived by-copious bleeding from the jugular vein.

The Civil Tribunal of the Seine gave judgment on Friday in the actions brought by the Prase and Constieutionnel against Id -Alexandre Dames, for-non. fulfilment of contmct. In substance, the Court orders AL Dennis to fulfil-his contract by sending in his work at specified times, under pain of heavy damages for further delay; with part payment of expenses in the actions.

A year ago, George Sands was tried at Lancaster, for stealing a horse and chaise, which it was said he had hired: he was found guilty, and sentenced to be trans- ported for ten years. Since that time he has been on board the hulks at Woolwich: on one occasion he attempted to drown himself. Recently it has been satisfac- torily proved that Sands was in London. when he was declared to have been steal- ing the horse in Lancashire; and, after a twelvemonth's undeserved imprisonment, he has been liberated. Not many years ago the punishment for horse-stealing was death ! [Sorely, Sir George Grey will establish a Court of Criminal Appeal.]

In the year 1811, one Brennan was kiHed at the fair of Mayo, in Queen's County: he was stabbed during a faction-fight, and James Malone was alleged to have inflicted the wound. lids man fled to America. Eighteen years since he returned to Ireland, and settled in Meath. Recently, information was given to the authorities; he was arrested, and conveyed to Ballickinoyler, in Queen's Cottnty ; there he was identified before the Magistrates; and witnesses having showed his connexion with the murder, he was committed for trial. Thirty-six years have elapsed since the crime was perpetrated; and the- accused is now seventy years old.