27 FEBRUARY 1847, Page 19


4111 the 14th February. at Munich, Mrs. Milbanke, the Lady of her Majesty's.Envey Fectraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, of a son and heir.

On-the 19thi at•Kiplin, Yorkshire, the Countess of Tyrconnel; of a daughter, who only

survived ashort time.

On the 20th, the Lady Harriet -Duncombe, of a daughter. On the 20th, at the Vicarage, Chippenham, Cambridgeshire, the Lady of the Rev.

Augustus James Tharp, of a daughter.

On the 21st, at Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Daly. of a daughter, atill-born. • On the 24211,1n Cheatham Street, the Lady Marcus.H.th, of a daughter.

Da the 24th, inTfpper Grosvenor Street, the Lady of Sir James Weir -Hogg, Bart.,

M.P., of twin sons.

On the 24th, at Baidoon, WIgtown, N.B., Mrs. James Card, of a son.

On the 25th, in Sussex Sqttare, Hyde Park,"the Wife of William Entwisle, Esq., M.P., of a son.

On the 26th, at Blenheim Palace, her Grace the Dffichess.of Maribercalgh, Of a- son.

MARRIAGES. • • • On the 11th February, at the British Embassy, Florence,Alfred 1de H. 'Harris, Esq., Lieutenant Madras Fusiliers, and fourth son of the late Charles Harris, Esq., Member of Council, Fort St. George, to Charlotte Clementine, eldest daughter of Carrell Burston Smyth, Esq., county of Meath.

'On the 16th, at Albert Place, Kingstown, Arthur Nugent, Esq., Iaf Cnuma, County

Galway, eldest son of the Hon. Arthur Anthony • Nugent, to Ella, only daughter of Thomas Later Cooke, Esq., of -Parrsonstewn, King's County.

On the 16th, at Clifton Church, Robert-Warren Corbonell, Esq.. of Bordeaux. to Katherine, daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Kersteman, of her Majesty's Six- teenth Foot.

On the i9th, at St. Sfanghtur's, Mounnuthshire„ the Rev. George Dempster Miller, Viear of Woodlark, Yorkshire, eldest son of Robert Miller, Esq., of Blackheath Park, to Susan, eldest daughter of George Cave. Esq., of Iiilstenhouse, Mentrioulliziffire• On the 22d, at St. James's Chereb, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir George A. F. Houston, Bart., to Eupbemia Boswell, daughter and only child of the late Thomas Boeiviill, Esq., of Blackadder.

On the 23d, at Trinity Church, Regent's Park, Captain Byng Creagh, son of the late Colonel Cre-agh, C.B., to Charlotte Jane Minchin, daughter of John Minchin; Esq., her Britannic Majesty's Consul at Faye!.


On the 11th January, at Government House, St. Christopher's. Charles Thornton Cunningham, Req., Lieutenant-Governer of the Leeward Islands, and eldest son of Alai Rev. J. W. Cunningham, Vicar of Harrow-on-the-Hill; iii his 36th year.

On the 5th February, at Vienna, Gervase Parker Bustle, Esq. Attache to the BM* Embassy at that Court, only son of the late G. P. Bushe,'Esq., County Kilkenny.

On the 8th, at Pusey, Henry Algernon Herbert, second son of the Hon. Edward Herbert ; in his 5th year.

On the 14th, at Salisbury, Mrs. Brodie, Relict of the Inv. Mr. Bindle, Rector of Winterslow; in her 93d year.

On the 15th, at Campbeiton, Charlotte, third daughter of the late Mr. and Lady-Mar- garet Brodie, of Brodie, and Widow of Colonel Macalister, of Glenbarr.

On the 16th, at Gourock House, General Duncan Darroch, of Gourock and Drums. On the 17th, at Eton, Sir John Geers Cotterell ; in his 16th year.

On the 17th, the Rev. Edward South Tharlow, Prebendary of Norwich and Rector of Houghton-le-Spring.

On the lath, at Belmont, near Exeter, Margaretta, Relict of Thomas Snow.-Wele formerly of Oporto; in her 94th year. On the 20th, at Frome House, near Dorchester, Elizabeth, Wife of the late Rev. Wil- liam Floyer, Vicar of-Stlusford and Rector of West Stafford ; In her 16th year.

On the 20th, atleamingbsn, Lydia Amens, Relict of the late Colonel Christopher Myers, C.B.

On the.20th, in FAinburgh, James Pitcairn, M.D.

On.the 20th, at Ilastings, Sussex, the Rev.. Edward Heawood, ALA., Rector-of Hal- stead, Kent ; In his 530 year. On the 24th, at Pendleton, near Manchester, Barbara, Relict of the late Alexander Nasmyth, Esq., the Scotch artist, and sister of the late Sir James Faulk', liart.ett Woodhall, near Edinburgh ; in her 84th year.