27 FEBRUARY 1847, Page 19

COMIIERCIAL GAZETTE. rffesda g , eb.28.


• Sykes and Jefferson, Wakefield, watchmakers-Ripley and•Co. ilramley, Yorkshire, dyers ; as far as regards B. Wild-WhIte and Co. Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, manufsre• turers of pyroligneous acid ; as far. as regards G. Barraclough-Taylor and Charlton, Stockton-on-Tees, merchants-Dobson and Co. Leeds, share-brokers-Qr.-and W. Grey, Leeds, clothffinishers-Camidge and Jonefi. Liverpool, hatters-Hill and Emblin, Bris- tol, ironmongers-Taylor and Priori. Holloway, tailors-Vint and Co. Gateehese, piper- makers ; as far as regards J. Richardson-Webster and Co. Manchester, merchanta-- Worsey and Butler, Birmingham wire-drawers-Chadwick and Sons, Rochdale, wool- len-manufacturers-Hope and ilostron, Manchester, stock-brokers--Sherborn and Sams. Piccadilly, Italian warehousemen-J. and G. Hallett, Newport, Isle of Wight, carriers-Moores and Son, Manchester, joiners-Bennett and Sadler Goswell Road, chemists-Cook and Maple, Queen's Buildings, Knightsbridge, furnishing-warehouse- men-Birks and Whally, Fenton, Staffordshire, brick-makers--Gill and Co. Leeds, ma- nufacturers of knitted goods-Whitelock and Ponaford, Aldermanbury, attendee- Cooper and Myer, Bath, wine-merchants-Houghtens and Co. London ; as far as re- gards W. Cleveland-Tully and Co. Sunderland, commission-merchants-Cruickshank and Co. Kensington, near Liverpool, brewers-C. and R. S. Strickland, Gibson Street, Waterloo Road, chocolate-manufacturers-Barton and Butterworth, Manchester, cot- ton-dealers-W. audA. Wenn, Richmond, Surrey, drapers-W. and J. Clough, 8n:de- lay, Yorkshire, millers-Smith and Sons, -Manchester, merchants-Ruehbssand Finney, East Retford, coal-merchants.


Lieereetrz, Venue, Nottingham, grocer.

WINERY-PT& BAILEY, Join, Stalybridge, joiner, to surrenderMarch 6. April I solicitors, Messrs. Reed and Langford, Friday Street ; Messrs. Sale, Worthington, and Shipman, Mane cheater; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, manchwiter. Bun, jeans, Manchester, wholesale-confectioner, March 9, 26 : solicitors. Messrs. Johnson, Son, and Wetherell, Temple ; Messrs. Hitchcock, Buckley, -and Tiding', Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Fraser,' Manchester,

Ceixisr, Pastan, Manchester, leather-dealer, March 8, 29: solicitors, Messrs. Bar- low and Aston, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester,

DAY, GEORGE Tamen, Commercial Road, Pimlico, civil engineer, ,Marels-1, •Aprii 8: solicitor, Mr. Granger, Bneklersbury; OfiiClai assignee, Mr. Cannan, strohin-Liene, Frrzutran, JOHN, Nottingham, tailor,•Mairlv5, April 9 : solicitors, Messrs. Pantifia, Nottingham; Official assignee,-Mr. Pittleston, Nottingham. HARVEY, Jong WILLIAM, Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire, grocer, March 9, al

tors,' Mr. Harris, Stone's Buildings, Lincoln's Inn ; Messrs. Bishop and Eitt,"Biartu ; official assignee, Mr. Hirtzel, Exeter.

/Inn, GEORGE, Halifax, Yorkshire, woolstapler, March 9, April 20: solicitors, Messrs. Gregory and Co. Bedford Bow; Mr. Wavill, Halifax ;.71r. Courtney, Leeds; official assignee, Mr. Young, Leeds. NAIBMIT11, Jone,-Bradford, Yorkshire, perfumer, March 9, April 20 : selkiltess,.Mr. Nethersle, New Inn ; Mr. Foster, Bradford, Yorkshire ; Messrs. Earle and Clarke, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Young, Leeds. PARNALL, 'Waxiest, Bleckfriars Road, clothier, Starch 5, :April 8; solicitor, .atr. Loughborough, Austinfrlars ,• official assignee, Mr. Carman, Muffin Lane. ROGERS, JONATHAN, Norwich, toolmaker, March 4, emit 5: solicitors, .MCSSTS. Ma- ples and Co. Frederick's Place, Old Jewry ; • Mr.- Woods, Great Yarmouth ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street. SMITH, EDWARD, Brentwood, Essex, eheesernonger, March 5, 27: solicitors, MOWS- Linklater, Leadenhalk Street ; official assignee, Dir. Green, AMMIlllanthliy. WRIGHT, ROBERT, Coppice Row, Clerkenwell, timberenerchant, solicitor, Mr. Richardson, Coleman •Street ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Colman Street,


'March '12, Hopewell and Thacker, Leadenhall•Street, outfitters-March 17,' Palmer, Liverpool, muldeseller-'March 16, Allen, Wheeler Street, Spitaffields, 'manufacturer-March 16, 16, Morris, Crown" Street, Finsbury, leather-seller-March 16, Coleman, Southampton, provision-merchant-March 19, Lloyds, Liverpool, painter- March 25, 0111, Warrington, corn-merchant--March 16, Rogge% -Blackburri, 'Iron- founder-March 17, Boyle, Manchester, mtudinonanufficturer-March 18, Levris,New- castle-upon-Tyne, lacemanbiarcli 16, Botchaby, Weed' Darlington, coat-ewner- March 16, Rogers, Bradford, surgeon-dentastMareh 17, Oxtoby, Great Driffleldi York- shire, miller-March 23, Nichols junior,' Birmingham,' bookseller-Diarch 40,`Pe5d, Birmingham, hosier-March 26, S. and T:RouTLeicester, hosiers.

craTtrIcATEs •

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. March 17, Hunter, Gray's Inn Lane, coach-manufacturer—March 17, Beal, Winghem, Sent, grocer—March 17, Johnson, Hampstead, builder—March 17, Garbanati, Wool. with, carver and gilder -March 18, E. and J. Reim, Barnard Castle, Durham, carpet- manufacturers—March 9, Davis, Tewkesbury, hoster—March 19. Hudson, Nottingham, lace-manufacturer—March 16, Signe'', Leeds, stock-Jobber—March 19, Dawn, Mans. field, draper—March 16, Burton and Sheen, late of Manchester, cotton-spinners.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before March 16.

Bryant, Lime Street Square, merchant—L. and C. H. Wood, Willow Walk, Bermond- hey, carpenters—Wilson and Co. Liverpool, linendrapers—Adam, Paternoster Row, bookseller—Anderton, Yardley, Worcestershire, miller—Burgess, Ramsgate, coach- maker—Peers, BirkenheruLatone-mason.


Parsons, Wolverhampton, edge-tool-manufacturer ; first die. of 2}d. any Thursday ; Mr. Christie, Birmingham —Pattlnson, Liverpool, merchant ; second div. of }d. any Monday ; Mr. Bird, Liverpool Hall, Liverpool, merchant ; second die, of fa. any Monday ; Mr. Bird, Liverpool—More, Liverpool, 'sine-merchant; first div. of 51d. any Monday ; Mr. Bird, Liverpool—Worrall and Williamson, Liverpool, merchants ; fifth die. of 1-16th of

Id. any Monday ; Mr. Bird, Liverpool.


:AIM, W., Glasgow, coal-master, Feb. 26, March 19.

MAXWELL, J, Glasgow, tailor, Feb. 27, March 19.

Milf.zsztE, J., Dundee, shoemaker, March 3, 24.

Nome, R., Glasgow, wine merchant, March 1, 22.

O'Nzum, H., Glasgow, spirit-merchant, March 2, 23.

Friday, Feb. 26.


Clough and Greenhalgh, Oldham, cotton-waste-dealers—Warrington and Mooney, Liverpool, corn-factors—Lamb and Bailer, Newcastle Place, Edgeware Bead, drapers —Foster and Co. Bickerstaffe, Lancashire, grocers—Harrington and Co. Manchester, manufacturers—Cherry and Probin, Birmingham, patten-tie-manuf.scturers—T. and E. Wood, Tunbridge Wells, grocers—T. and W. (Beate, Old lileeve, Somersetshire, millers —Birks and Co. Manchester, linendrapers—Thomas and Eaton, St. Helices, Jersey, Shawlmen—The Clamant Stone Coal Company, Llanelly, Caermarthen, coal owners— Friedlander and Co America Square, Mlnories, wine-Merchants—Hill and Son, Sir- Mingham, wood turners—J. and M. Pettier, Ludgate Street. tailors—Wrathall and Lee, Eliza Terrace, Kingsland, printing-ink-manufacturers —Woollen aud Rowe,.IIolborn Hill, woollen-drapers—J. and M. Mallorie, Leeds, wine-merchants—B. and II. C. Pope, Bristol, confectioners.


DAWSON, WII.J.IAM, Staverton Row. Walworth, linendraper.


RAONALL, Joins, Birmingham, builder, to surrender March 6, April 3: solicitor, Mr. Powell, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham.

BANKS, WILLIAM Correa°, Lee, Kent, builder, March 5, 27: solicitor, Mr. Ivimey, Chancery Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Basingliall Street.

BERMINGHAM AND BOSTON DIRECr RAILWAY COMPANY, MOOrgate Street, March 5, April 9: solicitors, Messrs. Ashurst and Son, Cheapside ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers.

CU/WHAM, ARTHUR JOHN, Mansfield, scrivener, March 5, April 1: solicitors, Mr. Nixon, Clifford's Inn ; Mr. Money, Sheffield ; official assignee, Mr. Freeman, Leeds.

DUNCAN, Jamas, Liverpool, merchant, March 9, April 6; solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn ; Mr. Yates Jun. Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool.

DOBBINS, EDWARD, Colchester, hotel-keeper, March 8, April 5: solicitors, Messrs. Wire and Child, St. Sisithin's Lane ; Mr. Barnes, Colchester ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.

FLEcK, Jon, Weatboume Park, Middlesex, baker, March 4, April 8: solicitor, Mr. Burbige, Hatton Garden ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basingball Street.

GILLON Jun., Jelin, Liverpool, wine-merchant, March 12, April 9: solicitors, Messrs. Consthwalte and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; Mr. Pemberton, Liverpool; official as- signee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool.

JENICINSON, ROBERT, Manchester, baker. March 15, April 1: solicitors. Messrs. Bower and Son, Chancery Lane ; Mr. Janion, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Fraser, Manchester.

KEDDT, lone and Tnow•s, Bridlington, Yorkshire, printers, March 10, 31: solicitors, Mr. Hicks, Gray's Inn ; Mr. Bell, Hull ; official assignee, Mr. Kynaston, Hull.

KITCHING, WILLIAM THOMAS, Lloyd's Coffeehouse, shipowner, March 16, April 13: solicitors, Messrs. Lawrence and Plews, Old Jewry Chamber ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

MAILLARD, NICHOLAS DoaAN, Fenchurch Street, newspaper proprietor, March 12, April 13: solicitor, Mr. Ashley, Old Jewry; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane, Lombard Street.

MODDocK, Esizasosi GEosoa, Clerkenwell Green, glass-cutter, March 5, April 9: Solicitor, Mr. Buchanan, Basinghall Street ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Anne Yard.

MURRAY, Jong, Gracechnrch Street, warehouseman, March 5, April 9: solicitors, Messrs. Pierey and Hawks, Three Crown Square ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guild- hall Chambers.

TERNAN, CHARLES, and TERNAN junior, CHARLES, Polygon, Somer's Town, builders, March 9, 27: solicitor, Mr. Deuton, Gray's inn; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Sam- brook Court, Basinghall Street.


March 20, Evil' and Dowglass, Vigo Street, cloth-manufacturers—March 20, Austin, Bell Street, Edgeware Road, builder—March 19, Mackenzie, Hunter Street, Brunswick Square, commission-agent—March 19, Donaldson, Regent Street, cabinet-maker—March 19, Elliott, Petworth, Essex, corn-merchant—March 19, L. and W. Fenner, Fenchurch Street, merchants—March 20, Tucker and Bidwell, Melcombe Regis, grocers. -March 10, Turner, Lowestoff, grocer—March 19, Whitehead, Fleet Street, printer—March 23, Thomas, Aberdare, Glamorganshire, builder—March 23, Hayward and Fletcher, Man- chester, booksellers —March 19, Wright, Derby, cheese-factor.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

March 19, Green, Greenwich, lodging house keeper—March 22, Grossmith, Romsey Extra, Southampton, brewer—March 19, Hoskins, Blackheath, boarding house-keeper- March 22, Clarkson, Hereford Terrace, King's Road, Chelsea, cheesemonger—March 19, Perry, Croydon, linendraper—March 19, Mann, Huntingdon, chemist—March 20, Denholm, Queen Street, Stepney, linendraper—March 19, Garrod, Church Street, Hack- ney, surgeon—March 30, Ivens, Long Itchingtan, Warwickshire, salesman.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary or. or be/ore March 19.

Bradshaw, Manchester. stock-broker—Lock, Henry Street East, Portland Town, plumber—Hindularsh, Liverpool, woollen-draper—Howard, Hingham, Norfolk, wine- merehant—Figden, Liverpool, boot-maker—Barker, Royton, millwright—Wilcockson and Derrick. Hull, stock-brokers—Hayes, Liverpool, shipwright—Cochrane, Man- Cheater, merchant—Dunn, Vine Street, Piccadilly, victualler.


Mitchell, Lime Street, merchant ; fourth div. of 3d. March 6, or any subsequent Sa- turday; Mr. Green, Aidennanbury—Glass, Basinghall Street, woollen factor ; first div. of 2s. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aidermanbury—Calway, Tooley Street, Southwark, draper ; anal div. of Is. 3rd. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aldermanbury—Hotstead, Hampstead Road, tailor ; first and final div. of 3s. 2d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Ai- dermanbury—Crow. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ,draper ; first dn. of Si. Feb. 27, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Watley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Spence, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, tailor ; first div, of 6d. on any subsequent Saturday after Feb. 28; Mr. Baker, Neweastle-upon-Tyne—Cross, Cheater. lead-merchant ; second die. of 5d. Feb. 25, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Casemate, Liverpool—illshworth, Pontefract, hat- manitiketurer ; first and final dlr. of 31. March 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds—J. and J. Gamed, Leeds, flax-manufacturers; second dlv. of 3d. and first and second div. of 6. 9d. on new proof's, March 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds—Marsden Junior, Northallerton, Yorkshire. mercer; Omit die. of 84d. March 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds—Pool, York, victualler ; first and final die. of 2o. March 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds—Crawshaw and Davison, Leeds, soap-boilers; first dn. of fu. and first die. of Si. 9d. on the sepa- rate estate of G. Crawshaw, any day on or after March 1; Mr. Young, Leeds.


ALLAN junior, J., Kilwinning, Ayrshire, merchant, %larch 3, 24. FRAME, R., Glasgow, omnibus proprietor, March 5, 26, GOV**, J. C., Dundee, coal-merchant, March 6, April 3. Imams and Kirin, Glasgow, merchants, March 4, April I. MACLUOD, M., Glasgow, merchant, March 5, 26.

Bann, A., Dundee, manufacturer, March 4, April 1.