27 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 22

Exercises on the Compound Sentnce in, Greek. With Rules and

a Vocabulary. By F. W. Cornish, la. A.. (R. Ingalton Drake, Eton ; Simp- kin, Marshall, and Co., London.) —These exercises, as stated in the pre- face, are intended fur use in the upper and middle forms of schools, and will, no doubt, serve their purpose very efficiently. The plan and arrangement is good, the roles short and clear, occasionally too short, as in sections 73 and 74, where (4 ai of negation and prohibition are given without any explanation of these idioms. (Under section 73 we notice a slight misprint, s instead of 5s, and another on p. 59, ilapoprsiver.) The vocabulary has been carefully compiled. The exercises, seventy-five in number, consist of short sentences, and are specifically based on the seventy-five toles which severally apply to them. The book has-the merit of brevity.