27 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 22

Hints and Helps for Latin Elegiacs. By H. Lee-Warner. (The

Clarendon Press.)—" The object of this selection," says the author, "is to supply interesting English poetry for boys in the higher forms of Public Schools." There is a very sensible preface, giving in its two pages and a half an excellent little précis of the question of verse- writing. A boy must learn the metre, if he has to read Latin poetry. If he is to go on to higher scholarship, he must write in Latin, and writing verse is easier and pleasanter than writing prose. And if a boy is incapable of verse, as some boys are, at all events it is some- thing to sat him to study good English verse. It is the speciality of Mr. Lee-Warner's book to give good pieces for translation. His volume, indeed, would be an excellent verse-book. Hints are furnished and a vocabulary. Altogether, the book is a very good one for the advanced boys for whom it is intended.