27 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 22

Priora Latina. A First Latin Book, containing the Regular Acci-

dence, with Exercises. (" Seeley's Cheap School-books" Series.) By William Modlen, M.A. (Seeley and Co.)—This book has also the merit of being small—eighty-nine pages, ltimo—and good, and further, of only costing a shilling. The prefatory note states that the exercises, especially those on the declensions, are intended to test rather than to convey familiarity with the grammatical forms, which is to be acquired by fully and frequently repeating or writing out the examples given in the text and specimen vocabularies. With this explanation the excercises will answer their purpose for beginners. Not the least merit of the book is that it confines itself to the regular accidence. It has evidently been carefully prepared, and can, no doubt, be employed successfully. We notice a misprint in the quantity of the plural of the future perfect of" amo ;" it is right in the other conjugations. We would remark that we do not think " dico, I say," a happy instance of a transitive verb for a beginnner ; " amatum " is given without any explanation. The two last pages, on the conjunctions, with their twelve lines of explanation, would be better omitted altogether.