27 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 22

The Home Hymn-book, with accompanying Tunes : a Manual of

Sacred Song for the Family Cir, le. (Novelle, Ewer, and Co.)—We have tried this hymn-book by a test which is supplied by a book lately noticed in these columns, Mr. James King's "Anglican Hymnology." Mr. King makes a list of 105 hymns which have found the most general acceptance in hymnals published during the last fifty years or thereabouts. Of these 105, the collection now before us contains thirty-flee. Of course, this small number (the "Hymnal Companion" has 103 of them) is partly due to the limitations of size, the total number of hymns amounting to 371, and partly to the character of the collection, as being specially adapted for home use. Still, it seems to point to a certain defect in selection.