27 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 23

Easy Pieces for Latin Prose. By A. C. Champneys, M.A.,

and G. W. Randall, M A. First Series. (Rivingtons.)—Messrs. Champneys and Randall intend their book, which contains 128 exercises, for the middle forms of schools. Most existing books, they think, are too hard. A boy is expected to keep rules, and to tarn English idioms into Latin at the same time. "The result frequently is that if the boy is able to supply a more or less equivalent Latin expression, he indem- nifies himself by making a verb govern the nominative case." This fault is very deep-seated in boys, and will hardly be eradicated by any, even the most artfully constructed, manual. At the same time, we see considerable merit in the volume before us. The preliminary rules and hints are much to the point, and give mach information in a small compass.