27 FEBRUARY 1904, Page 24

Tomorrow's Tangle. By Geraldine Bonner. (Cassell and Co. 6s.)—The prologue

of this book certainly provides ample material for a " tangle" in the future. It gives an account of a gentleman who, having turned Mormon for the convenience of having a second wife, barters wife number one with her baby for a pair of strong horses. This peculiar "deal" obviously leaves an opening for the complications which afterwards occur in the story proper. The scene of the main part of the book is laid in San Francisco, and as the prologue takes place in the early "fifties," the date of the story, of which the above-mentioned baby is the heroine, is about 1870. The reader, even if he fails to be very greatly interested in the personages of the drama, will find that the novel gives an attractive glimpse of the great city of the Pacific coast, and in the short pieces of description which occur in the story the author touches in a picturesque manner on the strange sights and sounds of Chinatown.