27 FEBRUARY 1948, Page 18


Sta,—Last week's issue of The Spectator announces that the winner of Crossword No. 463 was Canon Houghton of Farndon. It will interest you and your readers to know that Canon Houghton celebrated his ninety- seventh birthday on February 23rd. It was my privilege to be his curate in Sheffield nearly forty years ago, and his ability to solve your crossword is not the only evidence which I have of his mental alertness in spite of his nearly one hundred years. From that day to this I have never appealed to him in vain for advice on parish problems, and only a few weeks ago he sent me a copy of Seaver's Albert Schweitzer, which bore evidence of his own careful reading of it before it came my way.—Yours faithfully; NORMAN H. CLARICE. The Parish Church of St. Andrew with St. Catherine, Plymouth.