27 FEBRUARY 1948, Page 18


Sta,—" Graduate (Ex-Lieutenant-Colonel) " need not be repentant con- cerning his active support of the League of Nations Union Peace Ballot before the war. This indicated by a majority of three to one, out of more than nine million who voted, that the country was willing to use military force, it necessary, in combination with other members of the League to stop aggression. The huge success of this ballot immediately impressed the Government from an electoral point of view, and it had a powerful influence in deciding them to back the League at Geneva in 1935 and at the General Election in that year. Unfortunately the Government, having obtained a majority on this issue, immediately went back on it. It was not the people who failed, but the Government—Yours faithfully,

Wighiwick Manor, Wolverhampton. GEOFFREY LE M. MANDEB.