27 FEBRUARY 1948, Page 5

Whan that Aprille With his shoures soote warns us to

get mackintoshes and sou'westers ready, I always begin to look out for the new edition of Mr. Ashley Courtenay's invaluable guide to selected British hotels, Filled Let's Halt Awhile. This year Mr. Courtenay, realising the desirability of booking rooms betimes, has managed to get published before the end of February, and anyone who thinks of taking a holiday, and taking it in these islands, will be well advised to seek Mr. Courtenay's help by the simple process of ordering Let's Halt Awhile through any bookseller (it is dis- tributed by Simpkin Marshall) and paying 6s. for it. The 1948 edition seems to me a considerable improvement on its predecessors in many ways. A number of new hotels, particularly in Scotland and Ireland, are included, all or almost all of them personally inspected by Mr. Courtenay—who does not hesitate, incidentally, to drop any which he finds have fallen below his standards. This is just what persons uncertain about holiday plans need.