27 JANUARY 1866, Page 1

Earl Russell gave some hope to a Huddersfield deputation which

visited him yesterday week on the Reform question, that the Cabinet might bring in a complete measure, and not deal only with the franchise. The Government, he said, had not at that time decided whether to deal with the redistribution of seats or not. "It would form the subject of consideration, and in the. event of its being determined to deal with the whole question, the facts brought before him would not fail to entitle Huddersfield to consideration." The Huddersfield gentlemen of course said that "a Reform Bill to satisfy the just expectations of the people must deal with the question of redistribution," and we quite agree with.them. No Reform Bill will ever be carried with an inde- terminate supplement lurking behind for the reformed Parliament to deal with. And as for the chance of getting even a mere franchise Bill through the House of-Lords, without a dissolution and a very clear expression of opin n by the country, it is in- finitesimal. The Cabinet will do wed to bring in as wise a Bill as they can draw up without referencis to the House of Commons at all, or to anything but the capabilities of the measure for a good telling popular defence on the hustings, before their minds. " In for a shilling, in for a pound," would be a wise maxim for the Cabinet in this emergency.