27 JANUARY 1866, Page 1

Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, who is going to marry- the

Princess Helena, seems to have very good antecedents. He served gallantly in the Schleswig-Holstein campaigns of 1848, 1849; and 1850, though only seventeen when the war began, and went to the University of Bonn in 1852, where he formed his friendship with the Prince of Prussia. Afterwards he travelled, studied art at Rome, and finally entered the Prussian army,—resigning his commission, however, when the Prussian Government began to treat his brother, the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, with bad faith, and finally retiring when General Manteuffel, approved by Count Bismark, rendered it necessary to choose absolutely between Prussia and his own family. He is certainly very poor,—probably has scarcely 300/. a year of his own,—and the Princess Helena is therefore deliberately preferring a private marriage of affection to the state of a Princess. As she is the fifth child, and there are two elder sisters to do the Princess when necessary, she is quite free to do as she likes, and seems to us to have chosen a very much happier lot indeed than a Royal one. It shows, too, an independ- ence of spirit that every one must admire