27 JANUARY 1866, Page 2

The Prussian Court really does govern most economically. With its

large army, and immense militia behind it, the budget for 1855 still shows an expenditure of only 23,500,000/., or little more than 23s. per head on the population. That of Italy is 36;000,0001., or nearly 28s. a head. The revenue of Prussia was expected to be equal to the expenses., but was really 600,0001. above them, a position which, as Herr Bodelschwing observed, was " thoroughly satisfactory." What is an unlucky Chamber to do with a Government which will go its own way, which can be con- trolled only when it wants money, and which, while imposing lighter taxes than any other civilized power, manages after a war to keep a surplus in the treasury? Did Jutland and the Duchies pay all the expenses of the Danish war?